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Red Crcle with slash for No SignI had a questions come in today about why I do not recommend Go Daddy for my WordPress clients. Here is my response to the great question.

First let me say,  it doesn’t matter where you register your domains, so Go Daddy is fine for that,  but I have found several problems with using Go Daddy for hosting WordPress sites and ask new clients to change to bluhost when we are building or updating a WordPress Go Daddy site. When I have not insisted, sooner or later we end up moving it for performance reasons.  Here is my reason for not wanting to use Go Daddy.

First,  Go Daddy does not use the industry standard C-Panel interface so it is a pain in the neck to go in and work on the databases and so forth, if you need to. Whereas I am not really a back-end person, but I can go into the C-Panel in bluehost and change the memory allotment and add new databases, view and edit the files and such very easily.

Second, there are usually performance problems with intermittent periods of extreme slowness for their WordPress sites.  I have heard it has to do with their server set up being far from the databases and software so the calls to serve up the dynamic content takes longer. Then when you call and tell them you are having issues they will deny anything is wrong or suggest that you need a virtual private server. Most of my clients do not need anything other than economy hosting on bluehost and get great performance. Only Larger businesses and publishers with a great deal of traffic need to move up. When I move clients to bluehost all of their issues have resolved.

Third, I hate Go Daddy’s sexist advertising. Maybe they should spend more money on updating their equipment and less on Danica and the other Go Daddy Babes.

Fourth, Their interface of the site is very confusing and they try to sell you things you don’t need. Even if you know you don’t need all that stuff, presenting it to people in a confusing way clutters up the site and takes forever to find the thing that you do need. The way they push things makes novice users sign up for a bunch of garbage that is not needed.

The one good thing about Go Daddy is that they will refund your money for months of hosting not used yet. So I usually suggest to clients that we get a bluehost account and build their new site on it with a temporary IP address and search engines blocked and then when we are ready to go live we simply point their Domain from Go Daddy or wherever it is registered to the new site.

To be totally upfront, I am an affiliate for bluehost and get a fee for each person that gets hosting using my link. But I signed up twenty people before I ever set that up and I would refer to them with or without it.

One great thing about bluehost is that they are located in Utah and have the best ever tech support. They answer your calls within the first minute or two and are a delight to talk to. I met a bunch of them at WordCamp San Francisco this year and that was fun. They have taught me a whole lot over the years.

Hope that helps you!

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