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facebook F illustrationLast week, I gave you tips on starting your Facebook Page and putting up a great profile photo. So now that you have a Facebook Page what in the world are you going to do with it?

1. Have your blog posts show up your Facebook Page
I am assuming that you have a blog. You do, don’t you?  You always want your best content on your blog. But you also want it to be linked to on your Facebook Page. Write your blog posts and then use the Facebook App, RSS Graffiti, to have your posts show up on your Page. That way, even if you don’t do anything else, you will have content on your Facebook Page. To set-up RSS Graffiti, sign into Facebook. Then go to the RSS Graffiti Facebook Page. From here, you have to authorize it and then add a feed. If you have a WordPress website, the url for the feed will be: You should find your new posts showing up there.

Facebook Conversation2. Be Findable
Make sure your hyper-linked web address is the first line of the About Box under your Page profile. Don’t make people have to select “More” to find it, because they won’t.  Simply find the About Box and click to  “Edit”. Then type: Find us at: “your website url” beginning with http://. You can then say something about your business.

3. Get Some Conversation Going
I have to admit that I have not been the most diligent about having fresh content on my Facebook Page. This week I am turning over a new leaf. I know that a Facebook Page will get visited more when there are people interacting with it. Asking questions is a good way to get this going. Yesterday, I started a new thing on my page and asked people if they had a question about their website, to send it in with their URL, and I along with other people will give them feedback. I was pleased that this morning when I went to the site, people had indeed taken me up on the offer. I am looking forward to taking a look at their issues and giving my two cents.
What questions can you ask on your Page to get people talking?

4. Add Facebook Comments to Your Website
Today on her blog,  Danielle LaPorte asked “Whats the one dumb thing you use to believe in?   Great question right? The thing is she asked it on her website. However, she changed her WordPress commenting system to use the Facebook Comments Box Plugin instead. Now, when people comment on her blog their comments also show up on their Facebook profile. I am not sure I like this. The jury is out for me. I will be watching to see what effects it has. If you are interested you can read more about this in a post by Mari Smith.

How are you using your Facebook Page?  I’m sure people would love to hear your ideas for drumming up conversation on Facebook.  Please share.

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  • Judy

    Thanks Pam,
    Yes, It is better to add each post to Facebook page by hand so that you can carefully craft what you want to say to lead into the article and then it is more easily shared. However… for those that are not going to do this, RSS Graffiti is better than not doing it. And it does actually add the picture from my post. Not very big but it is there.

    I am loving Pinterest and it is great for a brand like yours with great photos.

  • Pam Rauber

    I actually used to have my blog automatically appear on FB but I kept having trouble with the featured image from my blog messing things up. So…I copy and paste the actual blog entry and select the photo most enticing in hopes of generating traffic. I'm not as anal on having my blog immediately appear on FB because I don't have that much traffic from FB. Don't know why except that my friends don't cook, don't want to cook and looking at my blog doesn't interest them.
    I ended up changing my FB to be viewed by the public and personally, I think that has helped. I only get about 11 or 12 bites from FB but that is over zero ( 0 ) I used to get.
    I'm not concerned with public viewing on my facebook. Since I no longer get e-mail notification when someone comments on FB, I changed my e-mail address to an account with no contacts and put a serious coded password with it. This way no one can hack into it. I also don't provide personal information on myself, thereby reducing chances of being robbed of ID.
    For the most part my traffic continues to come from Pinterest, but the traffic is increasing from on-line food photo galleries I have been posting to.
    I'm not going to give up on Facebook and I did move my blog URL to the top of About with a brief description of myself. We'll see how things progress since I changed to public viewing.
    Thanks for your continued help and support.
    My recent post Beef Stew Frenzy

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