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Creative freelancers are passionate about what we do and spend a lot of time making other people’s businesses look great, but sometimes we are not as good about focusing on our own businesses.

It may be that you know what to do and are not doing those things, but with all the new technology and the way the Internet is changing the way people find people to do work for them, it may be that you need to cut through all of the haze and hype, and have someone tell you how all of this technology actually works together to help you powerfully connect with the people seeking your services.

Recently, I have been speaking on this subject a lot and have had a lot of request for my slides and notes from  people who could not attend these events. So by popular demand, I am going one step better with presenting it as a free webinar with the audio and slides available below.

Follow along the audio with the slide presentation for Rock Your Business with a WordPress Website:

  • Learn my secrets of attracting plenty of the exact kind of clients that I want to work with and how you can do this too.

  • Find out why a WordPress website is the most important thing you can have for social media marketing.
  • Three strategies to migrate your existing site to a WordPress site.
  • Why blogging is not what you think it is.
  • The three most important things on your site for converting visitors into clients.
  • How to have free and easy Search Engine Optimization to increase your traffic.
  • How to make it easy for people to hire you.

I am passionate about helping you discover how to get your businesses rocking. I hope you can join us on Thursday night.

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  • Tom

    Sounds great. But Judi, will a recorded version of your upcoming webinar be available later, in case we can't make it on Thursday?

  • Debra Caplick

    I'm assuming this is 7:30 pm ET, not am?
    My recent post My Brother’s Keeper: When a Colleague Crosses the Line – Sunday Coffee Contemplations

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