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Wondering why you’re not bringing in business with your website?

I’ll bet I can help you figure some things out!

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I love empowering business people to market and sell online as easily as they can in person. It should be easy.  But you know from surfing the web that there are a lot of bad websites our there representing many lost opportunities.

At New Tricks we like to fix that problem doing websites that convert visitors into clients and by speaking on the topic. I recently did a presentation at WordCamp Orlando to a standing room only crowd doing website critiques. I didn’t get to everyone that wanted feedback about their site, so I did it again the next week!

If you are looking for the latest information about how to create an effective homepage for yours or your clients’ websites, watching this process will give you a new understanding about what makes a website work to attract your right clients and bring in the business you want.

It is amazing how much you will learn a lot by watching these live critiques.
It is eye-opening and a lot of fun and I just love doing this.

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