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Know What to DoIf you were in Atlanta or anywhere in the world watching the news, you know we had our second snowpocalypse last week. Both storms took place in the middle of the week, pretty much ensuring that everyone took off the whole week, so very little was getting done in our city.  And it was hard to work and to stay on my food plan since my loft bed and breakfast ended up as slumber party central for friends within walking distance who were snowbound.

I was feeling a bit guilty for not tracking my food and eating a few things that were not on my eating plan during the snow party. I was also quite discouraged having been on a plateau for the previous couple of weeks. I really didn’t want to go face the music at my Weight Watchers meeting that Saturday morning.

The monkey mind chatter was telling me I could make it up the coming week and then go to a meeting. But I knew that was the thin edge of the wedge that had derailed me before. So, I got up on Saturday morning, put on my lightest clothes and slunk in to weigh. I lost two pounds. Go figure.

It is really the same with everything. I see people get discouraged when their blog stats aren’t going up fast enough for them, or they have a newsletter list that creeps along adding five and losing one subscriber a week. In both of these situations, I have also seen that if they hang in and keep at it they can get traction.

This was a theme for a couple of people I spoke to during my Valentine’s Day consultations. One thing that gets in the way of reaching a goal is not knowing how to get there. When we don’t have a plan that we believe in, it is hard to keep flailing around and it is easy to succumb to that voice that tells you to give up.

Too many people end up buying one online course after another and never watch them, or watch them and can’t translate the course material into a plan for their specific purpose.

So, it is very important to do whatever it takes to get a specific plan for yourself.  A coach or mastermind group can be very helpful. I have been going to my trainer since September three times a week and it has been so important to my sticking through the hard times.

In business, I also sought out specific consulting when I needed it. One very expensive year long mastermind group paid for itself in two months with increased business which then has continued.

If it is important to you to reach your highest potential, believe you deserve it. Then do what it takes to get a plan. Then work it and work it and adjust it and work it some more. And when you don’t feel like it, work it anyway. And when you mess up, keep working it.

Over time, those 300 newsletter subscribers will turn into 3,000 and then who knows maybe 30,000.

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