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Now you don’t have to pull your hair out trying to learn WordPress! I just put the finishing touches on my Getting Started With WordPress video series so you can learn with me at your own pulling his hair out

I can’t wait to show you how to get your own WordPress site set up and teach you how to use it.

All you need to do is Sign-up to get membership access for this free video training!

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Don’t worry, these are not your flashy production, fast talking, over your head type of videos. This is me and you sitting down for some one on one training. Be prepared to get a hosting account with your own domain so you can follow along with me. You’ll remember how to do things the sooner you get your hands on your site.

And by the way, you perfectionists out there, don’t get all frustrated that your site doesn’t look the way you want it to yet. Real customization comes later and I have a plan up my sleeve for that. But first things first. Let’s just get you comfortable using WordPress.

We’ll cover these basic topics:

  1. Hosting and Set Up
  2. Adding Content to Posts and Pages
  3. Uploading Images, Videos and PDF files
  4. Adding Header, Background and Featured Images to 2012 Theme
  5. All about the WordPress Dashboard, including menus, plugins, widgets and more
  6. How to Choose a Theme
  7. All about Widgets and Plugins

You can go at your own pace, but the sooner you watch them and follow along the faster you will be a WordPress addict!

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