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getting started with wordpressAlright, let’s get honest.

Did you teach yourself WordPress and now know just enough to be dangerous?

Or maybe after your website launch, you had some training sessions with your web designer, but you never touched your site again and now are embarrassed to admit that you forgot everything that she taught you.

Perhaps you wanted to put together a little blog site for a side project and heard WordPress was easy but can’t for the life of you figure it out.

I am so, so sorry. I have known all of that for you and more . . . And although I knew you were stuck and embarrassed I didn’t do a thing about this pesky problem that no one is talking about. 

We needed to create a WordPress Remedial Class!

Don’t worry your head any longer.

We know WordPress is not as easy as it seems it should be. We know that if you learn anything in technology and you don’t go practice right away, it’s in one ear and out the other. And if you teach yourself there are holes in your head. I mean holes in what you know and don’t know.

New Tricks to the rescue!

We created 14 short but, oh so sweet WordPress Video Tutorials that will solve all of your problems as a new WordPress user.

Now you can follow along with me and learn everything you need to know to get started with WordPress. If you forget anything, you can view the videos as many times as you need to.

If you are trying to get a site started, we have videos that will give you the scoop on how to do it the easiest and best way.

If you are finally getting around to blogging or want to make changes to your site, you will learn how to change text and images on pages, posts or widget areas. You’ll even learn what a widget is.

Get the scoop on themes and how to not waste your time on one that will leave you in the lurch.

Find out what a plugin is and which ones you should use, and which ones you shouldn’t.

Viewing these short and spiffy videos you will learn to use your WordPress site to do whatever is your heart’s desire.

I am really sorry I waited so long to make this to you.

But now that I did, you have the chance to ditch all your excuses and FINALLY overcome your WordPress Avoidance Syndrome (actual psychological diagnosis) for good.

I know just how it is easy to decide to do something but then not do it, so I urge you to take immediate action and get the special one week only, Get It Done introductory price of only $99.00.

Getting Started With WordPress Video Series

After this week, the price will go up to $159.00, which is still a bargain, but not as much of a bargain as your special price for this next 7 days of $99.00.

I hardly ever try and sell you anything. But it’s important to me to see that you get this since I know how many of you out there need this Getting Started with WordPress online course to get your businesses going.

I did my part, now do yours. If you ever wanted to learn to set up a WordPress site or just change the content on the website that you have . . .

The Time Is Now.

Get It Now

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