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For many businesses LinkedIn can be an especially important social media channel, yet sometimes it gets overlooked in the rush to be on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. But you could be getting leads, clients and profits from your LinkedIn Profile.

LinkedIn is the top social network for businesses and should not be ignored, even if it is not your primary social media channel. Recently, LinkedIn made some big changes  and is trying to be more social. One big change was that it made the profile photos much bigger to give it more prominence. Now, you have to go update your photo to a bigger size since you can’t get by with that chopped and cropped photo from your last business event. Yes, you do need to get a head shot done by a professional for your LinkedIn profile as well as your other social media profiles. Even if you had a good photo uploaded it now may be fuzzy. When they increased the size of the displayed image, the old images look pixellated. So go to your LinkedIn profile and doctor it up by importing a better photo in a larger size.

While you are there, check out the new LinkedIn Endorsements. Before, leaving a LinkedIn recommendation took a lot of thought and care to complete. Now there is an additional easy option to “endorse” certain skills for your connections. This new approach is similar to giving a + K to someone for a particular topic on Klout. These new quickie endorsements can be made for each of your connections for specific skills or areas of expertise and are displayed in a section under the user’s profile, under the header, “Skills and Expertise — Endorsements.”

To give one of your Connections an Endorsement, simply go to their Profile Page and you’ll see a big blue box above their profile prompting you to endorse them for a pre-set group of skills. Here is how it looks for my good friend Kristy Andersen.

Kristy Andersen Linkin Profile
Although these shortie “endorsements” are an easy way to give a nod to the expertise of one of your LinkedIn contacts, they shouldn’t take the place of the powerfully important LinkedIn recommendations which are used by many as a credible source of real-life reviews. This is a real gift of your time that will be much appreciated by the receiver.

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