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I have a friend that is gung-ho Mobile Applications and says it is going to be bigger than the Internet. One thing for sure is Mobile is going to be used more and more to make purchase decisions and restaurant choices, to receive special deals on the fly and find out where your friends and family are at any point in time, that is if they want to be found :-). One mobile application that you can use to start playing in this arena is called Foursquare. Launched in spring 2009, it includes businesses in more than 100 cities across the United States with more than 300,000 users.

You can use Foursquare on your mobile phone (Foursquare has mobile applications for the iPhone, iPad, android phones, BlackBerry, or your laptop.) to check-in when you arrive at a business. You can then send out that information to your Facebook or Twitter accounts along with a little mini review about the business, like, “Wow, the trout special is a must have”. Foursquare users compete against each other to have the most check-ins at a business in order to become the “Mayor” of the business and qualify for special deals from the business.

You can see how if you have a retail or food service business you can use Foursquare to promote specials and create buzz for the Mayor and heat up competition. IF you are a business owner that could benefit please don’t wait and check this out one more minute.

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