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gravity forms superheroIf you have a WordPress site, you can give your site abilities you only dreamed of when you install the Gravity Forms Plugin. It is a premium plugin which means there is a fee involved. The personal level license starts at 39.00 and the developer license is 199.00. It is well worth it and if you are a developer, it is essential. Why do I love Gravity Forms? Let me count the ways:

  1. Gravity Forms is easy. You simply name the form and start dragging fields into it. You edit the title of the filed and add directions to filling out the filed if needed and you are good to go. Really, a cave man could do it.
  2. You can create simple contact forms with almost any form maker. The real beauty of Gravity Forms is the ability to make most any kind of form, such as a lead generation form or a product or service purchase form, which sends you the completed form responses in an e-mail and keeps it in the database. You can then export the form data into a csv file.
  3. Gravity Forms works with PayPal Pro or Standard and for billing and it also integrates with Freshbooks. I use it for people to sign up for a Talk It Out Session with me. When someone fills out this form they are automatically added as a new client in my Freshbooks application and also in my Mail Chimp list and it automatically creates an invoice in Freshbooks for a Talk It Out Session. At that point, I receive an e-mail that contains all of the form information, prompting me to login to Freshbooks to look over the invoice and if correct, I just press the send button to have an e-mail sent to the client with a link to the Freshbooks invoice which they can pay right then using Paypal. How easy is that?
  4. You can create forms with conditional logic. This sounds scary but it isn’t. This gives you the ability to present certain fields when a client answers an item in a certain manner. Otherwise those fields do not appear. I was surprised at how easy and intuitive this process was when I did my first form using conditional items. Check out the sponsorship form I created for Inman Park Theatre Night.
  5. The ability to route forms to different people depending on the selection of a particular item is a necessity for a larger organizations. For example, if the person indicates they are interested in a particular product line, an e-mail notification can be automatically routed to the product manager for that specific product.
  6. There are use cases that require information from an end user that will become a post. Gravity forms lets them add information to the form, such as an item for sale or a job listing. The user fills out the form adding content to the fields: title, body, excerpt, category, tags, image and even custom field. Gravity Forms then automatically creates a post, in draft form, ready to be edited, if needed, and published.
  7. You can use Gravity Forms to create multi-page forms with a title for each section. Your client will see a status bar at the top of the form showing them the percentage of completion.
  8. With Gravity Forms you can allow a user to upload files. If for example, you are asking job candidates to send information about themselves, you can also have them upload their resumes.
  9. You can use Gravity Forms as a simple e-commerce solution and accept payments for items or services.
  10. The business and pro level versions of Gravity Forms, integrates with A-Weber and MailChimp e-mail services so that the user can be automatically be added to your mailing list.

Can you see why I say that Gravity forms is a must have plugin?

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  • nathan simpson

    I can't wait to get started with GF – And i'm also looking at incorporating highrise and freshbooks as well. I'd be interested at seeing some examples of how people are using the customer submitted content allowed with GF – esp with custome post-types. I plan to really explore the possiblities and can see how GF mixed with some pluggins can really open up new doors for businesses… The loop-buddy plugin in particular mixed with gravity forms and freshbooks could be the greatest combo ever for developers and for small businesses who are looking for more effecient automation and a better user experience on their sites… I hope you will repost a follow-up with more examples and i hope to have some to show off myself ! I wanted to say "Thank You! " for this post -awesome info and just more confirmation for me to BUY GF NOW!!! thanks

  • Robin Jennings

    Gravity forms keeps surprising me. I'm currently using as an art submission form, a questionnaire and I'm currently testing it for its use as a directory.
    My recent post Considering an E-Commerce site?

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