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microphoneAs you work on your online marketing for your business, writing blog posts and growing your email list will give you more exposure in your industry so that people will start asking you to speak at their events or be interviewed for a Podcast or web article. You may think that you don’t have anything special to say, but that is just not true. Each of us has a story, and if you can tell it to include actionable tips, then you are golden.

You don’t have to wait around for this to happen. There are a lot of people that have podcasts or blog Interview series who need a steady stream of new material, and your story or experience can help them out with providing content to their readers. Here is how to go about priming the pump to get your first gigs.

First, identify some people in your area of expertise who put on events, have a podcast, video blogs, or do web interviews. Create a list of these potential contacts and set out to get on their radar by following them and taking part in their communities by sharing and commenting. Amazingly, the hosts or site authors, even those with big audiences, take note of and care about the people that follow and interact with them.

Once you make a connection with someone on your list, craft an email to them including your areas of expertise, and possible topics you can be interviewed about, or speak on, outlining how your talk could be helpful to their audience. Keep at it since the first attempt might not work out. Your willingness to reach out and offer will pay off sooner than later.

After you do an interview or podcast, be sure to write a post about it on your site, including the video or podcast link or embed code. Add it to a list of your press and speaking engagements.

These things not only build your confidence but they will attract others who will begin to reach out to you to be on their show.

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