Help Others to Share Your Quotes on Twitter and Facebook
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Pass it on to Facebook and TwitterWouldn’t you like people to share your brilliance on Twitter?  I am going to tell you about two ways to help people to easily share your quoteables on social media.

Method One

I have written before about using  Click to Tweet to create clickable quotes that, when your reader clicks on the quote, the link takes them to Twitter and pre-populates your quote into a Tweet ready to send out.

I use it all the time on my newsletter to make it easy for readers to share a “Tweetable“.  I create a pre-written tweet, put it into the top of the box at Click to Tweet. When you click Generate Link, a link will appear below. I copy the link and use it as the link for the Tweet copy on my newsletter. It also works anywhere you can add text with a link.

Share the Tweetable below to see how it works.
tweetie bird@judiknight uses Click to Tweet to help people share specific messages from her newsletter. http://clicktotweet. 

Click to Tweet Interface

Now go create your own Tweetable at Click to Tweet.

Method Two

I just found out about another way to make it easy for people to share your quotes from your WordPress site Twitter.

My friend Sayed at WP Beginners wrote a post this week about a WordPress plugin called RealTidBits Push Quote   [pullquote position=”right”] The RealTidBits Push Quote plugin lets you help your readers to easily share your quotes to Twitter with the push of a button.[/pullquote]. This method does not work on MailChimp because it’s a WordPRess plugin.

I couldn’t wait to give it a try. I uploaded the plugin to my site, wrote this post and highlighted the text that I wanted to be quoted and shared and then clicked the little WYSIWYG icon for the PushQuote  plugin. It surrounded the text with some html shortcode and then I kept on writing.

You can see how my text is still in the paragraph but it pulled the Quotable out and put it to the right. When I selected the quote icon it asked me whether I wanted it on the left or the right. Very easy. I would love for you to give it a try and  to share it on either Twitter!

screenshot of Push Quote

Now why don’t you try it on your site?

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  • Kym

    This is just what I was looking for, thanks!

  • marko kalabota

    Hallo Judy,

    is there a possibilty to do the same thing with facebook? in europe nearly no one uses twitter… looking forward to your answer! .)


    • Judi Knight

      Marko, you can only do Click to Tweet with Twitter. I have no idea how Facebook ended up in the post. I have fixed it.

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