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Provoking Happiness

I saw this mural on an abandoned building in my neighborhood and it made me smile. I believe it is a creed to live by, a manifesto worth pursuing.

While planning Chris Guillebeau’s book signing, I came across the Wasted Potential Brass Band playing great music in their shorts with a beat up Tuba. Their New Orleans style music made me happy and I knew even though it would be on my dime, I had to have them to play for the party. It made me happy and I knew it would make other people happy and it turns out that it was money well spent. I smile to think about the band playing and marching into my office where Chris was signing books! What a scene we all will remember.

Another happiness provocation happened today
when I went to Twitter to follow someone that left a comment on my blog. I noticed there was a random hand on his shoulder in his profile picture. I copied the photo to my computer and Photoshopped the hand out of the photo and sent it back to him. It made me happy and I hope it made him happy.

How about you? I would love hear what you are doing to provoke a bit of unexpected happiness in your life and those around you.

Love and prosperity,

 Post Script:

After sending this message out in my newsletter I got quite a few e-mail  responses. This one was a very cool little stroke of serendipity:

Hi.  We don’t know each other except that I’m on your email list.  I work for Mountain View Group, we have an office on Krog in the Stove Works building … I’m in our upstate NY office.

I produced the shoot last week in Atlanta that included the graffiti art that you featured in your recent newsletter.  I think of particular interest is that your noticing it, taking it viral, us sharing that with The Coca Cola Company, for whom this project was created, who is now creating a twitter feed of such notices as part of their promotion of the initiative.

If you want to know more, or be in touch, please feel free to reach out to me.  Or Stephen Pruitt, the executive producer on this project and one of the principals of the company located in the Atlanta office

Just a thanks for putting it out there.

Kind regards,
Adrianne Y. Maros

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  • Celeste Greene

    Hi Judy! I too live in the neighborhood. Not only has seeing the graffiti art helped to provoke my own happiness, I will never forget the band marching into your office! Funny thing is, I came to the book signing by accident. A neighbor of mine and I were on a walk and we heard the great music and followed it to your terrific event. What a fun surprise!

  • Judi

    Celeste, I am so glad you followed your bliss and the tuba music right over to Krog Street to the book signing. What a great story. We live in a wonderful neighborhood don't we?

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