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No admin for user nameIf you are using “admin” for your user name on your WordPress site, you are a sitting duck to hacking attempts from Bots.

These automated attacks run a program to target vulnerable WordPress sites. If they can get into the site through “admin” they only have to figure out your password. It is not unusual for people to be using “admin” for their user name and “password” or “1234”  as their password. This is not good, people!

The most common reasons people get hacked are bad username and passwords and not keeping WordPress versions, plugins and themes updated. And unfortunately, these sins often co-occur by people who do not know better.

Many installations of WordPress come with “admin” as the username. Once it has been assigned, it can be a bit tricky to change your username from “admin”.  Here are the steps to change your username from “admin”:

1. Assuming your new username is going to have the same email address, you are going to have to change your current user name’s email address (you can’t create a new username with the same email as one that’s already active). Change your current user’s email to your alternative email address.

2. Add your new username with a secure password.

3. Go to your posts and make sure to change the author on all the posts from your old “admin” author to the username you’ve just created. You can do this quickly by checking all the posts, selecting to bulk edit them, and change the author.

4. Delete your old username with name “admin”.



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  • Carel

    Guess what came up at Mickey's Meetup today. How do you change your admin user? Thanks Judi, always on target.
    My recent post 3 things I learned at my First WordCamp

  • Orissa

    Hi Judi,
    Love reading your email newsletter, you've really inspired me to get my email newsletter out to my clients too! I've just followed your steps above and when I check the box at the top, I tick all my post titles, go to bulk action 'edit' and I get the boxes to change items – I can change the author to the new account I've created and then Update (all looks promosing) but it only updates the first Post in the list.. Have a I missed something simple?
    My recent post Testing, planning and research – what to do before you LEAP-ONLINE

  • Orissa

    Hi Judi,
    I found the answer – I needed to deactivate my Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin – then it let me change the author.
    All good.
    Thanks for the Tip and the instructions.
    My recent post Testing, planning and research – what to do before you LEAP-ONLINE

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