How to Configure Facebook Privacy Settings
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The other night I was at a party and some friends were complaining about some Facebook apps that post things on yours and your friend’s Facebook sites without your exact permission. It is enough to drive a person crazy. But not to worry. You can take care of it through your privacy settings so that you don’t annoy everyone.

Log-in to your Facebook account and go to your profile. There is a blue bar at the top of the page. Your profile photo and name is on the right hand side of the bar and to the left of that you will see the word home. Click “Home” to get a drop-down menu and select “Privacy Settings”.

One of the selections on the page is called “Apps and Websites” If you select the option to “Edit Settings” you can control what gets shared by your games and apps.

Find the option, “Apps You Use” and select “Edit Settings”. This will show all of the apps you have installed over your years of being on Facebook.

First, you may want to go through rather long list and remove any apps or games you no longer use. Now is the time to get rid of Farmville. Just click the x by the app or game and verify that you want to remove it. Gone!

Then you can go through and change settings on the other offenders. Take Spotify, for example. If you do not want Spotify to notify people of the songs that you are listening to, select “Edit” and when your selections come up, change “Who can see posts and activity from this app on Facebook?” to “Only Me”

Another thing that you want to look at is the setting that says, This app can: One of the choices is: “Post to Facebook as me”. This setting allows the app permission to post status messages, notes, photos and videos on your behalf, unless you remove that ability from the app by clicking “Remove” next to that option.

Now don’t go all crazy with this. There are some apps that you want to give permission to post for you. I use Hootsuite to post status updates and if I remove that option for Hootsuite to post for me, I would not get my status updates published.

I hope you just take a minute and clean up your privacy settings. It doesn’t take long and it can get rid of those pesky irritating issues you have been putting up with for too long.

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  • Michelle Hutchinson

    Like you Judi, I use HootSuite to post to my Facebook account, particularly to by business page, However, did you know that when you use a third party application as opposed to posting manually, you reduce the likelihood of your post showing up in your friends' or fans' news feeds? See item #5 at….

    • judi knight

      That is so true and I sure need to be better about doing it that way. Thanks for the reminder!

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