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Today, this is a twofer. I want to take a minute or two to find out more about you and what your biggest challenges are and….

I also want to demonstrate how you can make a survey yourself using Polldaddy.  Before you take my survey I am going to demonstrate several ways of getting your Polldaddy survey to your peeps. But, please only take the survey once!

The first sharing option,  good for placing in an e-mail or to your social media update is to post a link. Or… by golly, Polldaddy even provided me with a QR code that is readable with any QR scanner!

Polldaddy QR Code
And you can take the survey right here on my website where you will find I have embedded it into this post.

How You Can Make Your Own Polldaddy Survey

Polldaddy is a great application to use to get data on a myriad of subjects in a variety formats. The free version allows you to make surveys of up to ten questions and you can receive up to 200 responses per month. The free version should be good for most of us which is a good thing since the upgrade version that gives you long surveys and a gajillion responses is $200.00 per year.

So lets just get started with a free account by navigating to Polldaddy. After creating your account, it will give you the opportunity to go to your Dashboard and Create a New… whatever.

Polldaddy dashboard


You have a choice of creating a survey, poll, quiz or rating scale. If you choose survey, it will ask you to give your survey a title.  And then it will go to a screen where you select from a variety of style formats that your survey when completed can be presented. If you choose one that you don’t like you can easily change the format or create your own from scratch or by using one that is provided to you, as a base for your own CSS.

select a format screen in polldaddy Next you are ready to select your questions. You can ask for the usual name, address, phone number and demographic info. You can ask people to upload files or to give you their web address in a hyperlinkable fashion. You can create multiple choice questions where people can choose one or many items that you list. It also give you the ability to add a series of questions with a likert scale rating, you know that one, the five point scale, the from ‘never’ to ‘always’ type of thing.

Polldaddy questions

When you are finished asking the questions, you can choose how and where you would like to post the the survey for your respondents. As I showed above, Polldaddy gives you a lot of choice as to how to share your survey with others.


After you have enough surveys or enough time has elapsed (you have your choice about this too!) you can go to the results section of Polldaddy to get your survey results in several formats. It will give you the ability to see each respondents data or to see it aggregated.

It’s pretty easy. I promise.

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