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Tweet Chat

People often have a difficult time figuring out how to get started on Twitter. A great way to start is with a Twitter chat.

Participating in Twitter chats can be a great way to find a group of people with whom you share an interest; and, because everyone is communicating on the same topic, it is easier to break the ice and begin to add your own expertise to the conversation. This will also help you build your network.

What the heck is a Tweet Chat?
It is a scheduled conversation on a particular topic, open to anyone and held on Twitter. They are identified by a name with a hashtag (#). An example of one of the big daddy Tweet Chats is #blogchat on Sunday nights at 9pm EST. The hashtag in front of the name allows people to set up a stream of Tweets with just that hashtag. This feels like you are just talking with a group of like-minded people but, in reality, the #Tweetchat Tweets are visible to anyone following you.

To find a Tweet chat around your topics of choice, follow accounts on Twitter that are in line with your interests and you will probably see mention of an upcoming Twitter chat. You can also do a Google search on Tweet Chat directories and come up with quite a few that display a list of chats on a wide variety of subjects with their times and hashtags.

Often, right before the Tweet chat starts, people introduce themselves and tell folks they are new to the chat. This will have people pay a bit more attention to you. You can then ask a question, answer someone’s question, or respond to something someone else says.

After the chat is over, the host often makes a transcript of all of the Tweets so that you can go back and see the ones you have missed. The larger the chat, the faster the tweets go by and it is sometimes a bit daunting. But you don’t have to catch everyone. Just grab on somewhere and participate. You will find that afterwards people will look you up and follow you, and you can do the same with people you found interesting.

This is a great way to get over Twitter phobia, learn how to Twitter Chat, and make some Twitter friends that you will also see in your day-to-day stream. Once you have participated in a chat with someone, you have a special relationship and it makes it easier to interact with him or her again. This is a great way to grow your network and become connected with people whose content you will share, and they will reciprocate. This is when Twitter gets really fun and begins to have an impact on your website traffic.

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