How to use Firebug for Firefox to Edit CSS - Tutorial Video
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Want to learn how to use Firebug for Firefox?

How to use firebug - customize cssIf you want to edit .css you should learn how to use Firebug. Firebug is a free open source Firefox add-on that is an essential tool  for anyone wanting to customize a WordPress theme.  It allows you to find the exact place in the .css code that has to be changed for a particular issue. With firebug, you can identify the precise location of whatever you intend to change and it even allows you to do and view the changes in real-time. Unfortunately, you cannot make a permanent change in Firebug but you can copy the code and go change it in your text editor like Programmers Notepad. Oh, and be sure to add the addon to Firebug, called Firepicker which makes it easier to actually pick a hex color and see the change right there.

Watch the Firebug tutorial below to learn how to use Firebug.
This tutorial shows you how install Firebug and preview edits to .css  (cascading style sheets).

How to Install and Use Firebug for Firefox (preview edits to .css) from Judi Knight on Vimeo.

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    This is a great resource not only for designers, but for people who have had their site designed and want to make minor changes without having to pay for help.

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