Atlanta Junk Removal Startup Goes Gangbusters using Social Media
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This site is one that New Tricks newest web designer, Jason Brown, worked on. It was one of Jason’s first WordPress site designs and I just love it. I think he has a great career ahead as do the Stand Up Guys! Casey Walsh did his own videos which are a hoot. He has a whole lot of them on You Tube. Very savvy Casey. Glad to hear it is working:

Ever since the new website launched the phone has been ringing off the hook. Just about everyone that calls says that after visiting our site, they come right back to us before they even finish viewing our competitors sites because they felt like they already knew us. They say that our site was just so vibrant and friendly, and that none of the other sites blogged about their on the job experiences and it really made them appreciate the fact that we love what we do and are not just here to make money.

They just seem so excited to tell us that they watched all the videos and looked at all the pictures before they even called for an estimate. It’s like their minds were already made up.  Even when we finish the job they mention that they love the fact that the same guys from the pictures came out and it just reassured them that they made the right decision.

That’s why we decided to go with New Tricks. They really captured what the Stand Up Guys are all about. We worked hands on with Judi and Jason, and they never made us feel like we were a burden. They took the necessary time to do it right and I regret nothing. With their knowledge about SEO we climbed the google ladder and we really owe them a sincere thank you.   So thank you New Tricks, WordPress was exactly what we needed to let the people know who the Stand Up Guys truly are.

Casey Walsh
Stand Up Guys Junk Removal

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