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Last week, I suggested you team up with a friend to go over each other’s websites as a great way to see needed improvements.  This week, lets take another step in this direction and run your website through the Website Grader at Hubspot. It will give you some great feedback on what you can improve on your site.

You will discover some of the more subtle things you can do make your site better and more effective. These are things your web designer might not have done if you didn’t specifically pay for SEO services.  For example, one thing is to make sure you have great page titles and descriptions listed for all of your pages.

Another is to go back in and fill out the “alt” description on all of the images on your site.  Filling that out by describing the image, helps the blind know what is up when they come to an image and if you don’t fill that out the search engines may ding your site.

After you are finished with your website, lets move on to Twitter.

First go to Twitter Grader and see how you are doing with your Twitter account. You probably won’t be surprised. Another service I think is a better reflection of how you are doing on social media is Klout.

Klout gives you a score from 0 to 100, which represents how influential you are on social networks. It takes into account your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, as well as Twitter. This score truly reflects how much targeted attention I am paying to maintaining my social media efforts. When I slack off, my Klout score goes down. I actually use it to inspire myself to work a little harder, with focus to get it back up there.

So run your website and Twitter accounts through these programs and see what insights you get and where you can improve your social media marketing efforts.  I’d love to hear what you find out.

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