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instagramOne of my favorite apps on the iPhone is my Instagram camera app. It is a free app that lets you then you take photos just like your would with the built-in iPhone camera. But, after you take the photo with Instagram, you can select from different looks for the photo. Once you choose the version of the photo, Instagram allows you to add a caption and save it to your iPhotos on your phone and to your Instagram account where people can see, like, and comment on it. But even better is that with the push of a button you can also choose to send it to Twitter, Facebook, and/or a Tumblr blog.

I love the ease of sharing images with Instagram but I also wanted to post my Instagram photos that I take around my neighborhood, to my WordPress website for my Urban Oasis Bed and Breakfast. Unfortunately, that is not one of the built-in options. But, with WordPress there is almost always a Plugin that will add functionality that you need. Today, I found a solution in a plugin called, Instagrate. 

Instagrate has a free and pro version. I found the free version works for me just fine. To get started, upload the plugin into your plugin directory on your WordPress website and activate it. Before you can configure the settings you will need to set your WordPress site to allow remote publishing. Just go to your dashboard to  “Settings”, “Write” scroll down to “Remote Publishing” and check the box to enable  “XML-RPC”.

Then you can go to “Settings”, and choose “Instagrate” and configure your Plugin. The settings allow you to choose an upload size for your image, as well as the alignment (alignright, alignleft, aligncenter, none)  of the photo on your site. You can choose to save the Instagram uploads to your Media Library or just use links from Instagram. I chose to upload them in case I want to use them again.  You can choose to use the image as a featured image, select the category, and a post author.

The free version of Instagrate will post each of your Instagram photos to your website.  I didn’t want every image on my site so I worked around this by selecting the Post to: “Draft” option. This lets me go to my site and choose to publish only the posts with the images that are appropriate for my site. When I go to the site to publish the post, I can then add some text which works great for me.  If you want a more automated process,  the pro version of Instagrate, available for $35.00, will let you choose the images to be uploaded to your website by adding a hashtag to the end of the title #blog ( or whatever).

When you set up Instagrate, there a few other settings that will allow you to place static text into the title or the post edit box. This same text will be in each post so I chose to leave those blank since I am adding my own text when I go to my site to post the items.


I hope you are as excited about this as I am! I’d love to know how you use Instagram.


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  • Infobrokering

    Dobry tekst. Widać, że autor zna się na rzeczy. Czekam na dodatkowe, równie ciekawe posty.

  • Uitlaten Seat

    Zeer goed artikel. Ik kijk uit naar de volgende. Dank u.

  • Momo

    Instagrate is nice. Looking for a plugin that posts multiple instagram pictures into one post though. Any ideas?

    • judi knight

      You might want to check the pro version of Instagrate for 30.00. Or you could try to create a recipe in

  • Nadine

    Thanks for this great tip. I am an avid user of instagram and run a photography blog called digital cameras. This will be of great help.

  • Jeremy

    There is an application like instagram but to make videos. It is called Vine 🙂

  • Jon@Dashboard Camera

    Thanks for this article, i never heard of instagrate! Makes it so easy to get the photos from your iphone camera to the wordpress dashboard.
    My recent post DOD LS300W

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