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I am still reeling by the outpouring of love and support I got last week when I wrote about my dog, Clyde’s unexpected death. Sometimes, when I write my posts and newsletter I have to just “know” in an intellectual way that you all are out there reading my e-mails.  But this week, I got to experience the huge power social media has to reach out and touch us so deeply. I got  almost 400 e-mails from you all telling me you understood, sharing your stories about your pets, your losses, your businesses and so much more. What a huge gift this sharing was. I thank you for this.

If I was the truly savvy social media maven I would have thought to include the “Read More” tag on my newsletter to bring people back to my website where you could leave the comments there. Then, I could share all of the messages with you. But, I didn’t do that and maybe it was just a little more personal that way.

One of my friends wrote a little Haiku. Since it is not a 5-7-5 true Haiku, we called it a Joeku (my friend’s name is Joe)

Clyde died
from a pecan inside
I cried

And on a roll, I made a little modification to a t-shirt that I had.

Illustration of a basset skeleton with a pecan inside

I think it always helps bringing a little love and lightness to a sad situation.

Again thank you so much for being there.



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