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perfection vs Getting it doneIt’s easy to get caught up in analysis paralysis when doing something new, especially when it is something very public. A common effect of this anxiety syndrome is to explore all of the options and rethink them several times over. And then to do it again. Around and around we go is a sure path to never getting yourself out there.

To anyone who is perseverating over launching whatever it is they are working on, I say, “Get over your self and just do it!”

Perfect is not the goal here. It is best to keep things simple and get the job done. And then spend time making it work. Make a name for what you do and what you stand for. Show ’em what you’ve got.

The single most important factor in becoming good at something is not in the learning; it is in the doing. The quicker you can get it done, the quicker you’ll be sharing your passion with the world and building a sense of community around your business.

And the thing is, most people will not even notice the difference between good enough and perfect.





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  • Monique Y. Scott

    OMGeez Judi! You so described me to the teee!
    I've been wanting to start a YouTube channel for almost a year now, but I've been obsessing over everything imaginable…which is of course why I'm still "off" line. LOL. However, after reading your post, I've committed to filming my first video ON MY HTC CELL PHONE and taking the Nike route: "Just do it!" Thanks so much for this post…it was right on time for me!

    • judi knight

      Yay, Monique, Just doing it is the best approach and over time we improve as we experiment with what works for our particular business. I am so glad you are going to take the leap.

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