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I voted. I am writing this on the night of the election and I don’t know yet who will be elected our next President. I try to keep my political views out of the Just a Digital Minute and my social media channels because that is not what this forum is about for me. I believe that whether Democrat or Republican we all get to use these tools to have a voice. But I have to say, I have been following the election closely and care deeply about what happens.

The other day, when we went to vote, my friend Joe, tried to make me feel better about this close race by telling me that he had trust in our system of Government, and that no matter what happens tonight, one way or another we will find a way to be okay. I have to say I am not that calm about it but I am sure that is true.

Back in the day when I was going through a particularity painful breakup, I was going on and on about my situation to one of my guy friends, who was actually a lot like Joe, wondering what was going to happen. My friend looked at me kindly and said, “Don’t worry, Judi. It’s going to work out.

I looked up relieved, and said, “Really? You think it’s going to work out? He said, “Of course it’s going to work out . . . just not necessarily how you think it will.” That has stayed with me all these years and I am quite sure that no matter how any of us voted, tonight it will work out. And, tomorrow we’ll all get to work making the best of it.

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