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If you are following my journey to health (read my Big Dog manifesto blog post), one of the things that made a difference to me in motivation and encouragement was reading Chris Carr’s book, Crazy Sexy Diet. She is vegan which I am not, but I loved her message of how out of whack our diets are, even those of us who think we eat pretty well. As it turns out there is a big difference in what we eat and most of us eat a lot of processed food and usually too much of it. Chris wrote about her need to totally change her lifestyle and how her life depended on it when she was diagnosed with cancer. I don’t have cancer, but I do have Fibromyalgea and need to lose the weight I gained because of it. Ultimately my life does depend on it. And that is the same as with any of us who sit too much at our jobs, don’t get enough exercise and eat our standard American diets.

I am on a quest to do what I can to give my body a chance to heal itself. I am mostly preparing food at home, juicing, eating organic, nothing processed, lots of vegetables and low glycemic fruits, farm raised organic meats and Alaskan Salmon and some brown rice. I am walking everyday and working out with a trainer twice a week and  hiking to the top of Stone Mountain once a week.

Stone Mountain Hike

I have lost 6 pounds this month and feel good. So far, so great.
Do you have any health challenges you are working on overcoming? I’d love to hear what you are doing.

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  • Gary Johnson

    Hi Judi! I just happened to find your blog and this post jumped out at me. It sounds like you are on the right track with your diet and I wish you all the best with it.

    I am on a similar quest, although, not with Fibromyalgea, just with my weight and high blood pressure. You might like to check out my site, especially the resource section under Fibromyalgea.
    My recent post Never Give Up

    • judi knight

      Gary, thanks for the support. I read your post about going through boot camp and that had to be miserable. But you are right, never give up. And I say, it's never too late but better late than never. JudiSent from my iPad:)

  • @jwitcraft

    Judy, I found an interesting article by Sandra Pawula on low oxalate diets & fibro…I'll link to it here. I'm also starting a new workout regimen + stricter diet control. I'm making fitness one of my "big rocks" and refusing to move it.

  • judi knight

    Thanks Jeanie, The link didn't come through can you tweet it to me? Congrats on your new regimen. It takes what it takes and then it clicks in. I am in the groove and don't feel deprived. It feels good to be on the right path.

  • jaymie Christine

    Thanks for sharing your current path. I am concerned about aging and the effects it has on our bodies; specifically weight gain and pre-menopause. I have always been active, but have also been told to eat mega amounts of protein, cut back on food intake, carbs, restrict myself of guilty pleasures, and exercise like there's no tomorrow, Well, being from the left coast has paid off to some degree. I sought the expertise of a credible Nutritionist and have found the best diet. Well, actually it's education on eating the proper food groups. Its so simple. If we eat six times a day, get all the food groups in the CORRECT PORTION SIZE, adjust our caloric intake to boost our metabolism(mine is 2000cals), increase fiber intake to 30g, and exercise regularly–enjoy great outdoors, we will get to our normal weight and be healthier, wealthier, and wiser. I have lost 10 lbs in 2 months, and have 10lbs to go. And it's not through starvation, but eating more. Wow, I never thought of that! EAT MORE, LOOSE WEIGHT! I have shared this plan with a friend, and he too is losing the weight, learning to make wise eating choices, learning food is our friend, and enjoying a more active lifestyle now that he has the unwanted weight off his knees. I am just happy to know that diets don't really work, and we are creatures designed to eat, so eat we must. Eat to live, live to eat! It's always a journey, do you want it?

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