Just Say Yes....Work Can be Play
 In General

Summer SunSummertime is upon us and I, who have a hard time scheduling trips out of town, just got squared away for three vacations. Wow. It’s all part of my summer plan to just say “Yes” to fun.

So, I was going to sit down here and tell you about all the fun things I am going to be doing this summer. But really, I noticed that I was feeling a bit hypocritical because I was avoiding mentioning that here it is, one of the first summer weekends and I worked 15 hours responding to an RFP for a huge project.

One of the things I have done throughout my life as a hobby and a business, is designing and building. I have done some really big loft development projects that have taken a couple of years and I have renovated small kitchens. In my work now, rebranding the websites of my small creative business clients is analogous to renovating a kitchen.

But an RFP for a really Mac Daddy website redo project came my way last week that is on a par with designing and renovating the Queen Mary, full of passengers while it is sailing. I have to say, I thought more than twice as to whether I wanted to take it on.

Could I? Would I? OOOH too much. Instead of rejecting it out right as maybe it would interfere with my goal for some summer fun, I kept exploring it.

I brought in two of my favorite colleagues whom I’ve worked with on some of my bigger projects. We mulled it over. We scratched our heads. We got some more info from the organization trying to understand how we would even go about doing a project of this size.

All of us were thinking in the back of our minds, hmm… this is a huge pile of content, too much information, too complicated, too time intensive.

But we carried on, dug in, looked under the hood. We divvied up the responsibilities for the RFP and went for it. The two of us who were responsible for the first draft worked all weekend, putting in more than 15 hours each.

I researched the topic and became fascinated; I made a case for using WordPress and fell in love with it even more. As I wrote, I even impressed myself.

I got a handle on how you eat an elephant. Just a bite at a time. We finished Sunday night at 11:30 and it felt damn good.

So did I bag out of fun? Here is the thing. I had a blast.

It was outside of my comfy zone. It was a ton of work. I was worried about how to do it. I was worried if I could do it. I stood on the side of the cliff looking down perseverating for a couple of days. And then I lept and it was great.

So shoot me. Sometimes work is just plain exciting. And yes, no matter what, I am still going to Chris Guillebeau’s World Domination Summit in Portland over the long Fourth of July Weekend. I went to the first one, and the second, so I am not going to break my streak this year.

I am also spending a week at the beach in August with the fam. And at the end of the summer, there is a Rhode Island music and dance festival in my future. The big question of the day is are we going to do a tent, an RV, or a cottage.

I will keep you posted. I will also tell you if we get the job. They would be really smart to hire us.

Just say yes, and work can be play.

Work like you are having fun.

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