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Frustrated after her children kept losing their lunch money or notes to or from their teachers, mom and architect Tamara Jones searched for a means for them to keep up with with their essentials.

Tamara knew there had to be a better solution than the traditional way of pinning items to her little ones’ clothes. and the typical fanny pack was too awkward for children. What Tamara envisioned was a small necklace with a pouch. Something that her children could wear to hold some emergency contact information, a little bit of money and whatever small tokens they deemed essential for the day.

Finding nothing commercially available, she and her daughter began making the neck pouches that evolved into Keepers. They quickly became popular with the school children, and as demand spread to teachers and parents, athletes, employees and thus her business was born.

When we met Tamara she  had been working with a website designer but the project was going  slowly and she did not like what she was getting. After her web designer had not returned her calls for a couple of weeks Tamara called us. We showed her the advantages of a blog site, assured her that we could give her a simple on-line store and have it done in two weeks before a big trade show that was coming up for her.

As an architect, Tamara had skills with Photoshop and already had designed her logo and graphics herself. We designed her site around them but brightened them up a bit. With her computer skills, Tamara sailed through our training and began immediately to jump in and add new products posts and pictures to her site.


  • We worked with logo and graphics supplied by the client, brightening them up and adding some more color for the site design.
  • Designed a five page site where the front page is a blog page but has a static post with a slide-show at the top.
  • Developed an on-line store with WP e-commerce. Given Tamara’s budget and the time-line, we started by customizing the WordPress Crafty Cart Theme that has the shopping cart component  developed and integrated within the theme. We then tied her store to her Pay-Pal account.
  • Integrated the site  with Tamara’s Twitter and Facebook Account so she can cross post to the other social media sites.
  • Added plugins for weekely automatic back-ups, spam prevention and search engine optimization, event calendar, and subscription mailing list.
  • Two training sessions of 1.5 hours each. One session on the wordpress site and one session about her store.
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