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Project Highlights :

June Ray a petite powerhouse, Diane Cannon look alike, came to us through a referral from Terry Sagedy, the Marketing Sage. June was in the process of launching a new business, making ornamental iron shower doors, to be sold through high-end designers for their clients with Tuscan, Mediterranean decor. June had been working out the concept for some time and her first door is installed in her home. June’s builder at the time said it couldn’t be done but June persisted and worked out a coating that prevented rust and proved him wrong.

New Tricks first met with June Ray two weeks before she was to be an exhibitor at the huge Kitchen and Bath Show in Downtown Atlanta. June came to New tricks World Headquarters with a stack of 25 beautiful drawings done in pencil on tracing paper, some photographs, business cards and a CD. June had a booth designed but needed a website. Since June had not had a website before, her business cards had to be revised and reprinted to include her new web address.

Two weeks, could New Tricks pull this off? Of course we could. We doubled up on the work process with assistance preparing the photos and drawings by scanning them in and retouching them, while a developer worked on the design concept for the site. Terry Sagedy worked with June on writing content such as the company profile, product descriptions and a press release. Within three days, we all met again and went over our ideas, refined the business card design and approved the look and feel and direction of the website design.

Using WordPress as a design platform, allows up to skip a lengthy specification stage. The process begins by finding relevant examples of pre-composed themes based upon the initial interview with the client. Then, when we meet with the client so they visualize how the site might look. This allows us to identify which format is to their liking and how we need to customize the site to meet their exact requirements.

Although not a computer person, as an artist June Ray knew exactly what she wanted. And as web designers we were able to translate her wishes into a site that gave her all that and more. One thing that was particularly important to June’s concept was to have Ol Sole Mio playing on the splash screen. We gave June the pros and cons of the music on a site but in the end we found a free MP3 of Ol Sole Mio and added it to play when the splash screen came up. When we unveiled the site three days before the show, she loved it and was overjoyed that we had Ol Sol Mio playing sweetly while a slide show displayed the beautiful drawings of her ornamental iron shower doors.

Site Features:

  • Front splash screen with a slide show and music player
  • About Page
  • Product Information Page
  • Press Page
  • Contact page with a contact form included
  • Photograph page to include a gallery slideshow of actual photos of the Ornamental Iron Products
  • Blog Page made from posts being categorized as “blog”
  • All of the product categories shown on the sidebar linking to pages showing posts containing a drawing and description of each individual design.
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