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Can Non-Designers Learn Design Skills?

I’d say that is a resounding, yes.

There is someone on my team, I’ve known for a long time, who today, is an amazing web designer. Just this week, he was the lead designer on two sites that we launched.  Both sites are really well done. Five years ago, he was a beginner and didn’t know that Comic Sans or Bubble Letters were not in vogue.

Now, not only does he know the ropes, occasionally he looks over my shoulder and offers to finish up what I am working on. And, I let him. The truth is, although I trained him, he’s way surpassed my skills, being faster and better in both Photoshop and creating web pages.

Some of you may already know that I am talking about my son, Michael who came to work at New Tricks with a degree in Audio Technology and Production.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how someone goes from having no skills in a particular area to becoming a professional. It’s not magic. As with any new skill, you need to know what excellence is, learn what you need to know in the order you need to learn it. Then you must practice and get feedback on your progress.

It is nearly impossible to improve if you stay in the stage of unconscious competence where beginners don’t realize that they are not very good – at all. Then when they realize how far they still have to go, the Conscious Incompetence phase, many give up and quit.

A teacher and a path to follow can make all the difference to sticking with something since the teacher and the lessons provide a bridge that can have the student see that the outcome they seek is possible.

Seeing the progress, the people on my team have made, I wanted to share that technology. That’s we’ve been working so hard to create the WordPress Web Designer Mastery Course which is launching in just six weeks.

As part of the course, Michael put together ten rules to follow that will improve your web design skills – all things he had to learn when starting out.

Check them out and check out the two sites below.

I’m proud to be his mom and his boss!


Can Non-Designers Learn Design Skills?

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