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Chris Guillebeau

Entrepreneurs have to have a boat load courage because our norm as humans is to stay secure.  In fact, most people will tolerate anything if it makes them feel more secure.

We all have our comfy little routines and if we don’t step out of them from time to time and do something new, we start to play smaller and smaller, limiting the ability to live our best lives.

I have to actually make commitments to myself to say yes to things to break out of my comfy little routines. I said yes to organizing WordCamp Atlanta and agreed to be the keynote speaker at WordCamp Asheville although they were both stepping out of my safety zone.

I am a shitty traveler. It is another one of the things I have to force myself to do. It is especially hard to plan a trip since I have a bed and breakfast and three dogs (my excuse).

Five years ago, I went to Portland, Oregon to attend Chris Guillebeau’s first World Domination Summit (WDS), a conference with the theme of community, adventure and service and a goal of bringing together people who are passionate about leading remarkable lives in a conventional world. I could get behind that.

I originally knew Chris from Twitter and met him in real life when I offered to host his Atlanta book signing for his first book, the Art of Non-Conformity.  While he was here in Atlanta, he told me about his plan to host a conference called the World Domination Summit.

The first WDS was only 500 people and I was able to meet and get to know other people I admired who I had only known through social media like Laura Roeder, Pam Slim and Danielle LaPorte.

Another remarkable person I met at WDS was Scott Dinsmore, whose mission in life was to help people find and do work that actually excites them.

Over the years, I have followed Scott’s Living Your Legend blog, watching as he grew his business.  I hosted a Living Your Legend Meetup for him a couple of years ago with the goal of having people in cities all over the world hold get together on this one night to talk about their dreams and how they could realize them.

Some months ago, Scott and his darling wife, set off on a journey around the world.  Although I prefer to stick to my hood, I have been vicariously following their trip and admired Scott for having the guts to take time off from his work to live his dream.

Scott continued to write a blog post each week and in his post last week, he told us he was going off the digital grid to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, one of his lifetime goals. Scott also took that opportunity to challenge the rest of us to disconnect from our digital devices and make connections in the real world.

Yesterday, I got the news that Scott died in a freak accident while hiking Mount Kilimanjaro. I am just stunned. It is unbelievable that he is no longer with us, especially as I remember that last – his very last post.

In it, Scott also shared a video of a spoken word poet whose words are powerful:

We edit and exaggerate. We crave adulation. We try not to notice the social isolation. So look up from your phones. Shut down the display. Take in your surroundings. Make the most of today. Just one real connection is all it can take to show you the difference that being there can make.  . .

Although I am not a traveler, I am glad I went to Portland and got to know Scott and others who I once knew only by their Twitter handles and are now a part of my life. I will continue to push myself to venture out of my safety zone, take on new adventures and make real world connections a priority. I encourage you to do the same.

Bon Voyage, Scott. You lived your legend, touched many lives and will be missed.

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  • Jim Wordes

    wow, very nice post judi. sounds like scott died doing exactly what he wanted to do. good for him.

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