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Love LettersWhether I am thinking about working with someone, or looking for an AirBnB, I always read their customer reviews. I often ask my guests at the Urban Oasis Bed and Breakfast to go on TripAdvisor and leave a review after their stay. But today I am asking for a testimonial from you, my Just a Digital Minute reader.  I would greatly appreciate your feedback about the JADM or about working with us as a client of New Tricks.

To help you along, I have included some sample prompts to help you organize your thoughts; that would be beneficial for our prospects to hear, but hey, feel free to go off script:-)

Here are some prompts for our readers:

  • What is your background?
  • How long have you been a JADM reader?
  • What do you get out of the JADM?
  • What makes it different from other newsletters?
  • Would you refer a friend or colleague to us?

Here are some prompts for our clients:

  • What situation or problem did you have that you needed help with?
  • Why did you decide to work with New Tricks?
  • What made you believe we could help you get to where you wanted to go?
  • What were the results you received from our work together?
  • Describe why you feel that working with us was successful.
  • If a potential client was on the fence about whether to work with New Tricks or not, what would you say to them?

So either way, reader or client, I’d love to hear from you.  Please comment below this post so your feedback is there for others to see. Thank you so much, I really appreciate you taking the time to do this.

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  • Lisa Frank

    I’m unsubscribing to email lists right and left to reduce the clutter, yet Judi Knight’s excellent emails will always be welcome. Relevant, beautifully written and thought through, her tips and topics bring valuable information to my inbox that I truly enjoy. Thank you, Judi for building community and sharing your expertise so generously.

  • Kellie

    Where to begin… Well, I’m a graphic artist who has done a small amount of web work (pre-Wordpress period). Although I’m not currently doing any web work now, I do consult with clients who are or who need improvement on their sites. I have had a chance to point them in Judi’s direction, AT LEAST for the benefit of the newsletter. The tips in it cross well over just the web line. Judi’s background in psychology has provided a different slant to her tips. One that I have found very helpful. So, don’t think that you have to be a web client in order to benefit. Plus, you’ll have a great resource to provide others who need Judi’s services and skills.

  • Reply

    I am a psychotherapist in downtown Decatur, GA .I have referred many colleagues to New Tricks for web design because Judi has firsthand knowledge of the psychotherapy field — she used to be a Psychologist.
    The New Tricks staff did a great job on my original website and on my recent update. Now, most of my clients come from finding me on-line.

  • Frank Niemeir

    Judi Knight’s Just a Digital Minute is the sole newsletter that I read from start to finish. Thanks, Judi!

  • Carlin Breinig

    I am a personal chef and first met Judi at a networking meeting where she was the speaker. I found her talk very interesting and immediately subscribed to the newsletter.
    I read very few newsletters and don’t subscribe to many at all. I don’t always remember that it is Wednesday but always am happy to see the newsletter in my email. It is practical, sometimes I use the information immediately and concretely but sometimes the letter makes me think and consider new ideas.
    I have referred friends to the newsletter and will continue to do that.

  • Lyn

    About four years ago I ventured into establishing my own web page with WordPress with an amazing amount of help from a friend. It is simple (my choice) and clean. But it needed updating and I wasn’t sure how to make it do what I wanted it to do. I’m never going to be a digital manager of any kind but I want to control my own blogging and be able to do postings without constant assistance. Judi got it from the beginning and helped me establish the look and feel I wanted, plus solving all the technical “junk” that I’ll never get.

    I, too, keep my inbox cleared out – and don’t fully read all of Just a Digital Minute – but you can bet I’ll always check for something useful for me. And that simplicity is just a big part of it! Thanks, Judi – and get well soon!

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