How To Do a MailChimp Merge Tag
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How to do Mailchimp Merge TagsWhen you send out email newsletters you can use a merge tag to dynamically pull information from the email list database and insert it into your email. The most common thing to do is to personalize your email with the recipient’s name.

It is good to do this at the beginning of an email message, but you can also put it somewhere in the body of the email for emphasis. People love the sound of their name. Whether in person or when you want to be personable in a newsletter, it works to create closeness. Of course people know that it is a mail merge, but it still works.

How do you do it? In MailChimp when you are writing your email, there is an additional pull down of WYSIWYG  (what you see is what you get) editing icons. You click the box with the down arrow to access these additional icons. One of them is Merge Tags. Select *|FNAME|* when you want to add the merge tag for the first name into the text. The name will be pulled into the email.

If you are writing your email in Word, make sure that when it is copied into MailChimp you actually get the merge tag into the message rather than (first name) as it was written in the text when imported from your Word doc.

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