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I am very excited about the new product MailChimp acquired called, Tiny Letter. It is a very, very simple e-mail newsletter program that is much needed by most of my tiny clients. My team spends a lot of time teaching our small business clients how to set up the whole newsletter sign-up and templates in MailChimp so that they can send out a newsletter. MailChimp does offer tutorials, but there are so many options that my clients don’t even know which tutorial to watch.

Most of my small business clients don’t need anything fancy. They are never going to do fancy internet marketing and A/B testing of their content. But they do need to get a newsletter out to their clients/customers every so often with a great offer or an upcoming event. Love the Chimp, but MailChimp is pretty overwhelming for the very new blogger or small biz owner who is struggling just to get up to speed on their website and all that comes with that.

MailChimp is so smart. The Chimp knew this. Because they are free, people wanted to use them, but then some people were fussing that it was too much to learn and MailChimp didn’t have a stripped down version. They give away their Enterprise level program for free to people with lists less than 2,000. But what to do for the Mom and Pop shops? They bought Tiny Letter to give people for free!

A lot of people that should send out a newsletter, don’t. They might even have a sign-up form on their websites but still never send an e-mail to their subscribers. Or then there are those people that send out an e-mail blast to their entire Gmail contact list, 200 at a time (that’s Gmail’s limit). Most of the time you see everyone’s e-mail since they were not respectful of privacy and didn’t blind copy the names. Now Tiny Letter is a very easy solution to getting that e-mail blast sent out the right way. Here is how:

Go to and you come right to the “get an account” page.

Tiny Letter Account form

Get your account and then you come to a clean screen with a limited number of options: Write a Newsletter, Read Your Replies, Old Newsletters, Meet Your Subscribers, Import e-mail addresses, Get subscribe link and embed code, Welcome Message to New Subscribers, and Design and Settings. That’s it.

Tiny Letter Options panel

You can enter up to 25 e-mails a day and it will send them a confirmation message with an unsubscribe link. Just like any e-mail newsletter company, they will cancel your account if you get too many spam complaints. You can’t collect the subscribers name though. But, for most purposes, an e-mail is all you need.
The newsletter is a plain text newsletter, but it will allow you to create hyperlinks and upload images.

Tiny Letter Mail Form

What are you waiting for? Start getting your contacts entered into the system (25 a day) and get your first newsletter ready to go. You now have no excuse!

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  • Debbie

    Hi Judi, all this email subscriber stuff was going over my head and thought that my blog wasn’t big enough to warrant sending out newsletters. This post may be old now, but it’s sold TinyLetters to me, so hopefully I can connect with my readers and attract a few more.

    Thank you.

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