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ZapierSometimes I love technology, and Zapier just made me happier. Zapier is an interface application that enables easy connection to web apps in order to automate some pesky tasks. The types of interfaces it allows between applications would normally take a chunk of change for a programming genius to work it out, and it has integrations with over 250 applications.

So wow. I am so impressed that I want to give you two recent examples that made my day.

I have a landing page where people sign up to get my Getting Started With WordPress Video series. When they sign up for this series they go onto a list in MailChimp. Since this free program is a list building tool for me, when they sign up they are told that they will also get my newsletter, Just a Digital Minute.

The problem is they are not on my newsletter list. I have been going in and importing the new subscribers each week from one list to another. Last week I forgot to import the list of new subscribers into my newsletter list before sending it out:-(

Now, with Zapier, that won’t happen again. I simply opened a free account, then set up what is called a Zap, creating a task that sends people who signed up to one list to the other list, and it’s automatically,checked every five minutes! How cool is that?

Last month I could have used Zapier while putting on Atlanta WordCamp. We created forms in Google Docs to solicit volunteers, sponsors and speakers. I then had to export people from these various Google Docs Spreadsheets by hand and then import them into various Mailchimp lists. Zapier could have done that for us in a skinny minute.

How can Zapier make your life happier?

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  • Danny Schreiber

    Hi Judi – From the team here at Zapier, so glad to hear we’re making you happier! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your awesome use of our tool with your readers.

    • Judi Knight

      Danny, I was happy to share about it. I also love your blog too. The recent post about April Fools day was really great. You shouldn’t hide your blog way down at the bottom in tiny little letters!

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