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Making Promo Videos with iMovie for iPad the Easy WayRecently my team at New Tricks launched our new website and I wanted to add a video that let our visitors know that we understood what they needed and were in a good place with our talents to pay attention to helping them get there.

I have done videos before. I have done Webinars, taped them and released the recording.

I learned to use Screenflow for doing training videos and can do those in my sleep. I also used that technology to video myself sitting at my desk. I did a seven video series called Getting Started with WordPress and slammed right through putting them together during a snow storm.

We have had people speak at WordPress Meetups on doing videos for your website but one of the guys that made the biggest impression on me was Mike Stewart who does a tablet video training program online. He was funny and a great and enthusiastic presenter. I even bought his online program. I spent a little time going over it and never did a video. We had him speak at WordCamp Atlanta last year and I still didn’t try a video myself.

Then I started to get into website conversion and noticed how important it is to have a video to help with the call to action.

I decided I had to have a video on the home page and I decided it was time to figure out how to do it.

I looked at videos that other people were doing videos on their sites such as one Jason Swenk did.  I was intrigued by the cat.

Tim Ferris did some research on which photos were most attractive to women on dating sites. Were they the cheesecake abs images? No. Were they the ones where they were rugged outdoors guys? No. Not the photos with the big smiles either. The ones that were most attractive were the ones that had a guy and a cat.

Not sure if Jason saw Tim’s research but I thought the cat was a nice touch, for Jason.  I thought our New Tricks video needed to be a bit more serious to balance out the quirkiness of our Basset Hound references on the New Tricks site.

So I sat down and wrote out the script. I timed myself reading it and it was three minutes which was way too long. I  bored myself listening to it and cut it down to 1.5 minutes. I went to see Mike Stewart for a little coaching and he immediately had me cut it down to about a minute.  And then he walked me through how to do it using my iPad to shoot the footage and iMovie for iPad to edit the video.

Why use an iPad?


  • Great camera to shoot footage
  • Easy to operate since it is bigger than a camera
  • You can easily shoot video using selfie view
  • You can edit right from the iPad using iMovie
  • You can use any version, but the newer models have a fantastic camera
  • Cost: iPad Air2starts at $499.00 depending on amount of memory and type of Internet connection.



Why use iMovie

iMovie ( free software)

  • iMovie comes free with your Mac devices- download the latest version and you are good to go
  • It’s easier than final cut and other professional editing programs
  • iMovie for iPad has everything you need to edit your promo video
  • iMovie for iPad is easier to use than the desktop version of iMovie that extras that basic video production doesn’t need
  • You can edit video or photos that you have in your iPad camera roll
  • You can import video, images and photos into your iPad using Airdrop, Dropbox and other methods
  • You can easily save your movie as a video file and upload it to YouTube or Vimeo.
    Cost: Free



Other Equipment You will Need


Invest in a tripod since having someone hold the iPad and shoot is not such a great idea. Cost: $23.49

Mount Adapter to Attach your iPad to a Tripod

A mount adaptor allow you to attach your iPad to the TriPad. Cost: $9.99

Tripod - iPad mount
Lavalier Microphone, clip-on, Omnidirectional

Although the iPad Camera includes a microphone, you will to get a lavalier microphone for better audio. Cost: $19.95


Lights are needed for a good quality video production Cost: $50.00 – 182.00.





  • Describe the purpose of your video. Will the video be a promo for your business or product on your website?
  • How can you connect with your target audience on the video?
  • What can you do to help you sell online your business or product online as easily as you can in person?


  • What is the personality of your brand? Is it serious, light hearted, sincere, funny.
  • Be authentic.
  • The video needs to help you build Know, Like and Trust to create an authentic experience of you and your business/product for your website visitor.

Writing a Script

  • Keep it short
  • Stick to less than 60 seconds. It sounds like a short time until you start to watch it.
  • Write a script and then start weeding it down. You don’t have to explain every little thing.
  • People will get a gestalt and only remember the high points anyway. So give them the high points.

What to Include in Your Script

You will need these parts but not necessarily in this order except for the call to action at the end.

  • Introduce yourself and your business
  • Call out major pain point of target user
  • Explain how your company provides a most excellent solution  to your visitors problem
  • Call to action letting your visitor know what action to take next

Scripting Shots

Don’t try and memorize it all.

  • Chunk up the script so you can be on camera saying a sentence or two
  • Intersperse the shots of you on camera with images or b-roll video ( b-roll is made up of images or video that demonstrates what you are saying so you are not on camera the whole time)
  • Breaking the shots into sections where you are on camera and when you are not makes the video more interesting and easier to edit the sections together
  • Find b-roll images that you may want to use and bring them into your iPad’s camera roll so you can try them out


  • Divide the script into scenes
  • Plan when to be on camera and when you will do voice over
  • This allows you to film the sections separately so you can do one or two sentences at a time and then edit them together
  • You should be on camera when you are introducing yourself
  • Be sure to be on camera at the end when you are making your call to action
  • If you have a button or link for your visitor to select, point or look in the direction where it will be located

You can download the script I used for the sample editing project.


Set up your project and test

  • Choose a location, simple clean background. Make it look good
  • Set your tripod with iPad attached.
  • Set up your lights
  • Check your set with the iPad to see if the background and lighting are right.
  • Clip on your microphone and insert the other end into the iPad. Test the audio.

Set Up the Shoot

  • Mount the the iPad on the Tripod horizontally.
  • Place the tripod and iPad to your arms length away.
  • Put the iPad Camera on Selfie view.
  • Adjust yourself in the viewfinder to find the for best height and angle. For shooting.

Set Up The Shoot

  • Have your script nearby.
  • Before each section of shooting you can look at the script , get the one or two sentences memorized and shoot that section.
  • Don’t bother with a teleprompter. Your eyes will give you away.


  • Be prepared to smile before you start and before you end each section.
  • Turn on the video and look at yourself. Tap your nose to get a small yellow box, press your finger on it to focus.
  • Look into the camera lense, Smile . . . Connect… Say that section of your lines.
  • Push the button to end the video.
  • Go through each section of your script.
  • You can go ahead and film yourself doing the voice over sections but you don’t need to make those look good since you can detach the video and just use the audio.
  • You can also wait and do the voice over later if you want.
  • You can do it all without b-roll if you change your position in front of the camera for every other section to help with transitions.


  • Shoot some footage and then stop and play it back to make sure the audio is set right and that the video lights are right and that you and your background look good.
  • Finish shooting all of your clips.
  • Check your video clips.


Here is the final version of the video that I edited with content from the storyboard.

This is the final version of the promo video I created for to demonstrate How to Edit Using iMove for iPad in a video tutorial.

This is a brief video showing how to edit in iMovie for iPad. Note: There is a glitch in the syncing of the video and audio caused by my mirroring the iPad on my computer with less than ideal Internet. But the video will give you what you need to get started with your editing.

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