Master the Five Rules of Effective Home Page Design FREE WEBINAR Thursday, March 16 - 1:00 EST • New Tricks
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Website Home Page Critiques


Sign up to join us for this live Webinar on Thursday afternoon at 1:00 EST.  Bring your website URL and you’ll have a good chance to get feedback on it. You’ll get some suggestions on how you can make some changes that will help the site get its job done. 

You’ll walk away knowing five rules of effective home page design and when you see other people’s websites being reviewed the problems they will have on their sites will jump out at you. You’ll get a new understanding of how design decisions can make or break a site’s ability to get results.

The sad fact is, most web designers strike out a lot when we are first starting out. And because we don’t know what we don’t know there is a lot of wheel spinning involved.  I know back in the day when I first started doing sites for other people,  I stayed up until 2 AM and probably made $3.00 an hour looking for the perfect theme and trying this or that.  This is why I’m passionate about teaching others what I learned over the years. I want you to get this in less time than it took me.

Watching this webinar, while eye-opening and a lot of fun will give you a new understanding of what it takes to make a website work to attract your right clients and bring in the business you want.

(I just love doing this!)

Come on and join us!



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