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  • The ‘secret sauce’ of this course is personal attention and camaraderie. I loved the weekly face time with Judi and my fellow students. We worked through each phase of the program developing our skills and, perhaps more importantly, the confidence to step into the arena and begin generating real revenue as a website designer.

    Tom Kounelis
    Tom Kounelis Websites and Marketing
  • I can honestly say it's been well worth my time and money and the support from Judi and the other people in the class is excellent. I finally redesigned my website in a way that I am super proud of what I do. I now get the type of clients I love to work within the equestrian niche who have found my website online and are ready to work with me! Who knew?  

    Nikki Livermore
    Nikki Livermore Nicker Creative
  • I learned a brand story methodology that I now use to design a client’s site. When I meet with prospective clients, I clearly explain the process we’ll work through to create a website that will attract their target visitors and convert them into clients. This new secret sauce sets me apart from other web designers and helps to close sales at my increased rates. Also, Judi challenged each of us to redesign our websites based on the principles learned in the course and to submit a talk to a WordCamp. Making that happen was a wild ride, but I made it to the finish line, and have now spoken at several WordCamps. I’m pretty sure this would never have happened if it weren’t for the Mastery Course! Alsion Chandler

    Alison Chandler
    Alison Chandler Alison Chandler Design
  • I'm glad I made the commitment to invest in my business and my self by taking The WP Web Design Mastery Class. I gained valuable knowledge and confidence, learning processes to help run my business more efficiently, and also new web design skills that I started using immediately. As a direct result of the course, I rebranded my business, built a new website, and have spoken at two WordCamps. Woo Hoo!   Su Shaer Logo

    Su Shaer
    Su Shaer Nimble Design Team
  • I would never have believed the level of mastery I attained in the course. Judi gave us precisely what we needed in the order we needed it, to learn to create our websites. Not many course developers get this right. It’s not a “drag this here and put that there” course. The learnings gleaned from the course materials, and the coaching calls about how, when and, why we make the many decisions that go into creating an effective website was invaluable. I am thrilled with my new website and the focused direction of my business.Change Maker Designs

    Jessie Heyden
    Jessie Heyden ChangeMakerDesigns
  • Designing websites was a weakness of mine but, I didn’t know just how much I didn’t know. Judi taught us about branding and, content marketing which helped me hone the direction of my business. I built an effective website based on what I learned in the course, someone found me on Google, liked what he saw, we met, and he hired me to build his website. I don’t think this would have happened without the Mastery Course.

    Jason Nevin
    Jason Nevin Lean on Me Web Design

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