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Last weekend I attended a three day workshop Creating Irresistible Presence by Sarah Robinson of Escaping Mediocrity. I was viscerally attracted to this workshop  when I saw the headline, Unfettered, Unfaked and Unbound and then I read that Sarah was not only a business coach but also trained as a Shakespearean actor. Back in the day,  my husband got a theater  degree and spent a year traveling with the San Francisco Shakespeare Company. He always talks about how valuable his acting training has been to him in his business life.  Hmmm. . . I thought to myself  there might be something here for me.

You see,  according to Sarah,

Whether On Stage, On Screen, Or Online, What People Pay Attention to Are Bravura Performances Built on Presence.

I totally get this.  I know that unless you are willing and able to give it your all and put yourself out there people don’t respond. I know this from experience. It really takes being able to be in your own skin and be yourself. No taking the middle road so as not to offend. This plays out big time in whether people read and interact with what we bloggers write.  So if I knew that why did I feel like I needed a transfusion?

I have been so focused on teaching people to use WordPress lately that I forgot to put myself in the equation. And teaching WordPress is such a minor part of what I am passionate about yet you would not know this from reading my posts from the last six months. Where is Judi? Where did she go? Well after last weekend she is back. I can’t hideout and play it safe, not if I want to do the work I am passionate about.

Today, I was a midwife, I helped launch a business. Farnaz Global. This is what I am talking about. This was an extraordinary process and it has been exciting to take this journey with Farnaz Wallace who left her CMO position at Church’s to start her own business.

After taking some time off to rest and decompress, Farnaz,  decided her passion was to inspire and lead C level executives and their corporations to align their strengths and goals with the dynamic environment that she calls  the “New World Marketplace.”   Farnaz, as an Iranian born woman and CMO of Church’s  with their cultural awareness, was particularly sensitive to the increasing  globalization of the market place and  a multi-culti issues expert. And now, she has parlayed her experiences into consulting and speaking on these issues.

Farnaz has been a dream to work with. We met, we clicked, she wrote, I read, we discussed, we edited, we drew, we created, we pulled together a business including a logo, a brand, a website,  beautiful business cards, stationary, invoices, PowerPoint templates, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin accounts. We refined, we tested, we laughed, we worried, we stepped out, we worked.

This is what I’m talking about. I love co-creative experiences with people who are invested in doing excellent work. I really don’t want to work with people anymore who won’t step out and get it done. I am a  PhD psychologist, I understand people have fear. I am patient.  Just last week, I spent a couple of  hours with a potential client,  who was so emotional telling me about her plans for her business that it made her sick to her stomach and she ended up sleeping in my garden all afternoon. The thought of what was in front of her was overwhelming.  She had big ideas. I loved that. And it was fine with me that she was in the space where she was. But when we talked about everything she needed to get done and  then she said, “But I only have 500.00 to spend getting my site up to speed”. I was saddened and astonished. That was not going to get her there.

Could I have spent her 500.00 tweaking her site. Yes, I could have taken her money. But  it was not enough to get her where she needed to go. I was not going to take someone to Detroit who wanted and needed to be in Seattle. No, not this time. Because I know me. It’s the thin edge of the wedge. I cannot help myself. I get hooked in to do one more thing and one more thing. It is art, it is obsession, it is co-dependence  and I cannot spend my time, my creative life force taking people places they are not ready to go.

I know not everyone has the resources or the guts to roll the dice and take a risk to get their businesses going and growing.  But it is essential. Fear and all. Do it anyway. Could you start a restaurant without any capital? Can you build a shop?  No you can’t.  You do need resources, and you need to part with some of them to build a business.  Spend but spend wisely.

I am patient and I am kind, But I can’t do it for someone. They have to be the one. It must be their investment. I love working with people that have fabulous ideas and big dreams and know their minds and want and expect excellence and know when someone “gets” them and trusts  that and is respectful and will compensate people who do great work. I will find my right people. I will be unfettered, unfaked and unbound.

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  • Traci Feit Love


    Great post. I especially love this:

    "I was not going to take someone to Detroit who wanted and needed to be in Seattle."

    Good for you. I have no doubt that you will find your "right people" and get them to Seattle (and beyond)!


    • Judi

      Yup, I just can't do that anymore. Waste of my time and theirs.

  • Henry Cooper Sr.

    Judi, you truly are a lady of great knowledge and understanding of the new social media movement here in Atlanta, we are so blessed to have your leadership and your love for this media right here in our backyard, I know no other leader in this town who truly are as devoted as you to your art and the the energy and ambition you display in sharing it with others, I would love to be one of your clients because I need some professional help on developing my website,I look forward to attenting the next meetup,so keep up the good work I'll see you soon.

    • Judi

      Henry, It touches me to hear your kind words. See you at meetup and be sure you and your wife come to the book signing here on October 20 of Chris Guillebeau for the Art of Non Conformity.

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