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My dog died today. Clyde was the oldest of our three Basset Hounds. Turns out he swallowed a whole pecan that had fallen from our tree in the backyard. When they went in to remove it, he didn’t make it and died on the operating table.

Clyde the Basset Hound
Clyde was a furry Black, White and Brown hound dog. He looked a lot like the cowhide rug in my office where he would lay at my feet, while I was working. When I would get up, I wouldn’t see him laying there and it is a miracle that I didn’t break my neck tripping over him. Just for the record, it is not advisable to get a rug that matches your dog.

Clyde the Basset Hound on the Spotted Rug


When it was time to eat, Clyde was the dog that would do a happy dance turning all around when we fed him his little cup of dried dog chow. I would always give him a little extra and Duane would get after me about it. Clyde was also the one that would knock on the patio door when they wanted to come back inside. We are all going to miss him

I thought about not writing this today. Give myself a break and all. But I know that life is short and I have a lot to get done on the projects I am working on. There are a lot of times that emotions come up in my life, that I could use to justify my not doing the things I need to do to get my goals. But if I let that be the way I handled life I would not have accomplished the things I am proudest of in my life.

There was a time when I  didn’t get that you could actually be really upset and still do your work. When I was doing my psychology internship, I had a clinical supervisor who was living with a psychiatrist on staff and they were planning to get married. They had a beautiful house out on the marshes and seemed to have a beautiful life together. One day the word spread among us interns that they had split up that weekend and she had to move out.

I said to my friends, “But, I saw her this morning doing rounds.” And someone said, “Yes,  she’s working today.” I spoke to her later about how I was surprised, under the circumstances, that she came in to work. She explained that emotions and behavior were two different things and you can do what you have to do and be sad at the same time.”

Maybe you are saying, “But of course,  I know that.” But think of all the times we don’t do something because we don’t ‘feel’ like it. It can become a bad habit and then a terrible way of life since at the end of the day it doesn’t lead to you creating a legacy to be proud of. It certainly is easier to bail when something uncomfortable comes up.

Sometimes it helps to visualize having a box where you can put whatever it is that is bothering you. Then you can take the box and place it on the shelf for a while so you can go ahead and do what you have to do. You can always get it out later when you have the space to deal with it. Trust me, it is not going anywhere.

So I am writing this to you, my peeps, because I need to. And because I know you will understand. And because I really want you to suit up and show up and do the important things you must do in your life, even when sad, mad, hurt, disappointed or afraid.

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  • Michelle

    Thanks for writing this Judi! First, I am so sorry for you loss. I too am a dog lover and my Cockapoo Maggie is my family : ) Secondly, I needed to hear the message – get moving! I agree that a person can develop bad habits when they stop doing things just because they don't feel like it (I'm guilty of this) My dad passed away this summer and there are times when I just don't feel like doing anything! What resonated most with me is "creating a legacy that you can be proud of" I don't want any regrets. I guess it's no coincidence that I just received Mail Chimp training : ) I will get moving!!

    • judi

      Michelle, So sorry about your Dad. I lost mine to Melanoma about five years ago and it is still hard. We knew he had it for a long time and he did not seem sick for a number of years although we knew it was terminal. We had a long time to say goodbye. Same with my Old English Sheepdog. It was a blessing to let him go and be with him since he too had Cancer and we did not treat it. But when it is so weirdly unexpected, whether person or pet, much harder at first.
      I hope you will jump in and do the things you can to get to your goals. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I am thinking about doing another grow your biz coaching group. This time online. Interested?

      Oh and please get yourself a ticket for WordCampAtl ( )in February. 40.00 for two days and lots of beginner and user presentations. It is really fun.

  • @JillLynnDesign

    Hey Judi, so sorry to hear about Clyde. Loosing a pet is so hard and it sounds like Clyde had a very happy life.

    I also enjoyed reading your Tip of the Week. When my mom passed away 12 years ago while I was in college, I got straight A's that year. No one could understand how I was "holding it all together." But having some place to focus my thoughts + energy was very helpful to me. It kept me in a place of "normal."

  • mylipsticklady

    So sorry to hear about the passing of your dog…They can be such good friends and they are always "FAMILY" not just the dog or the friendly stray. My heart goes out to you… I know exactly what you feel. I have lost several pets in my time but the worst was when I had to have my two cats Sapphire and Onyx put to sleep becasue they had ingested "dog flea sturff" that my husband had put on them… It was truly a hard thing to decide to let the vet put them to sleep. They are still the "loves of my life" and they are buried in my backyard right outside my bedroom door.

    Anyway… you are right… You can be sad and do the things you have to do… but you don't have to like it. Thanks for the message of "Get moving in spite of …"

    • judi knight

      Carla, Thanks for writing. I know that must have been heartbreaking to lose two of your pets at the same time in an unexpected way. Whew! As to doing what I must do. I have kept up with everything but the Christmas Tree. Was going to get it the day Clyde had surgery and then just haven't gotten around to it. But I asked my son to get it while I am out of town this weekend. So we will be ready after all!

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