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Bassett  Hound Doing YogaI went to a yoga class this week at Decatur Yoga, taught by my amazing yogi friend Isvari. She focused on alignment and making sure we were very conscious of the way we were moving and holding our bodies, from the positioning of our hands on the mat to the curve in our backs and the grounding of our feet on the floor. What I noticed was that when I do the poses with this much attention, intention and adjustments for proper alignment, I get to a better place than when I am in a class where I am trying to power through any which way just to keep up.

Isvari says we practice yoga on and off the mat and so I see that, the past couple of months, I have felt like I had to power through to keep everything going. After that yoga class, I started to apply those same powers of attention and intention to my business and my life. What do I want my days to look like? How can I do more of the things I really love to do? What does my business need? What keywords do I want to use to optimize my own website? What kind of fun do I want to have?

How about you? What kind of attention and  adjustments in alignment are you needing in your life?

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  • Isvari

    Love this Judi!, Love having you in class!

  • judi

    You are the best! And congrats on opening your new studio Yoga Connection Atl. too.

  • yogitastic

    Alleluia! I love this post! I like to remind my students that yoga doesn't begin or end when we walk into or out of a studio. I mean honestly you do not want to run into me without yoga in my life – ugly would be an understatement. 😉 Would love to hear more about your journey with yoga outside of the studio!

    • judi knight

      Thanks! Yes Not only does Yoga help with those hours of sitting at a desk, it has the ability to be applied to everything we do. Nice to have you check in. See you on #blogchat:-)

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