New Beginnings
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How has your spring been so far? I hope you are using the energy this season brings to start on, or revitalize, projects in your life.

Baby BirdSpring brings with it beginnings of all kinds. My friend, Isvari, rescued a baby bird from the mouth of her black lab and is now hand feeding it back to health. She has been documenting the process, which has been fun to watch.

I have been working with a couple of new clients to help them launch their businesses.  I love the wonderful co-collaborative process that feels a lot like being a mid-wife.

And that is particularly true this week with mother’s day coming up, I feel very blessed to have my mother going strong at 79 after almost losing her a few years back. I feel doubly blessed to be the mom of my children.

My 25 year old son has worked with me at New Tricks for two and a half years which has been a totally unexpected and wonderful experience. It is so gratifying to hear our clients tell me how much they love working with Michael. In addition to being great with graphics he has surpassed my technical skills and is a good and patient teacher.

It is funny that my daughter, Amanda, also works in marketing, for a national restaurant company. She is turning 28 this week and we are going to spend her birthday together at the Copyblogger Authority Intensive, a content marketing conference in Denver.

Finally, I am also the lucky step-mom to four other amazing humans as well as mom to three crazy basset hounds. You can be sure that family get-togethers are great fun at our house.

This week, in honor of new beginnings, I have written two posts to help new businesses get off the ground. The first on branding will be live on my site today. Next week, I will post the second, a treatise on how to name a business. If you need instructions on baby bird care, you’re out of luck.

Here’s to nurturing new beginnings and celebrating mothers of all kinds.

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