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Jumping through Google HoopsHave you noticed that Gmail has gone and changed things up by creating new tab views and automagically sorting your email into one of five categories: Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums? I kicked and screamed for a couple of days about the change, but now I find myself actually liking the fact that my email stream is more organized.

My personal email goes into the Primary category. Notifications from social-media services (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) show up in  the Social tab, promotional emails such as newsletters along with advertisers are under Promos and then Forums contains all of my updates from things like the various yahoo groups I belong to.

If this new Gmail Tab views feature has not been enabled for your email inbox yet and you want it, you can do the following:

1. On the right side of the Gmail interface, there is a little gear icon (a.k.a. Settings).

2. Choose to Configure the inbox.

3. Now you can select which of the five available tabs you want to enable—or disable.

Once  I got over the shock of Gmail sorting my emails, I found that I like all of them. If you’re not sure exactly what each tab will give you, just mouse over the name of each one; Gmail will show you personalized examples (based on your own inbox) of the kinds of messages that will get sorted into each tab.

4. After you’ve made your choices, click Save.

On the other hand, if you are a compulsive individual who has already sorted your emails into categories, then you might want to keep your primary but disable the other tabs completely.

You do this by clicking the x next to the tabs, at the top right of your inbox. Then when the options pops up, uncheck all of the tabs except primary and click save.

But, for the new tab system to work well, we must know how to tell Google when they have misclassified something and change it to how we want it. This is especially important so you don’t miss things you want to see, such as The Just a Digital Minute:-)

To help Gmail sort your emails in the way you’d like to see them, you can simply find an email, such as the Just a Digital Minute which will most likely be in Promotions and you can drag it onto the Primary tab.

You will then get an alert that asks if you want to have the Just a Digital Minute go into your Primary category for future emails, too. Click yes so you won’t miss any updates from me. And you can do that same process for other valuable emails that may not be classified right for you.

Screen shot of Google changes

I like the tabs because you can see other emails in a tab. It will give you a number of new emails in each category and you can go check on them. If I sort things into regular Gmail files, I would never see them again.

So what do you think about these tabs?

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