Florist Blog Websites Can Increase Desired Type of Business
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drawing for flowers Florist Website Design has been dominated by old school design of the  on-line floral groups, FTD, TeleFlora and 1-800 Flowers. Now florist’s have a wonderful opportunity, with the new technologies available with social media and content management websites, to beat out their competitors in showcasing their finest work and specialties on-line.  These technologies can be used to increase revenues from business activities they love to do, large parties and wedding for example  and decrease their reliance upon the marketing provided by FTD, Telefora, 1-800 Flowers and other on-line ordering companies. With the new web tools and increased use of Internet, people can now easily Google a brick and mortar florist to order flowers from any city in the world. They can place their orders directly to a real person. This allows all of their budgeted money for an arrangement to go into their flowers and florist and delivery, cutting out the portion to the unnecessary broker. Check out this Business Week article, Is the Bloom off at FTD?.

In Atlanta, there are so many FTD, Teleflora and 1-800 Flowers sites and they all look essentially alike. The Florists Websites relying on these company templates have been lured in  by easy and have become complacent maybe thinking a more personalized site would be too expensive or hard to maintain. Not now with WordPress Florist websites being able to be a regular business site with built in blogging ability all ready for Social Media Marketing Opportunities. Now you can post those professional photos your bride sent to you right on the site in a couple of minutes, showcasing the beautiful work that you did. The pictures of those  roundy moundy’s from the Teleflora and such sites cannot compete with your being able to post beautiful examples of your favorite and more profitable work. Then you can send those posts out to Twitter and to FaceBook where more brides and event planners will be searching for options. Florists who use this new design and website technology have a huge advantage as their sites stand out from the crowd and are more personal representation of the shop and its unique qualities. People buy from people they Know, Like and Trust. These new Florist websites are able to build that in like a window into their shop.

New Tricks designed a WordPress website for Candler Park Flowers last March and by Mother’s Day they had sixty new orders from out of town than they had the year before all saying it was because of the website.

Want to know more? Here is Part One of the presentation by Dene Shepherd of New Tricks for the November 19th Floral Meet and Greet sponsored by Carlstedt’s Atlanta and Linda Knight McCarter. Beautiful flowers donated by Associated Farms were given out as door prizes throughout the night to the delight of all.

Part two of the presentation was given by Judi Knight of New Tricks.

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  • Colm Barry

    Hey Judi,

    I have recently posted an article online entitled – "5 Ways to Use Videos to help promote your Flower business" – which I thought may be of interest to you and your readers of your "New Tricks" blog.

    The article is available here:

    If you require any further information or wish to republish, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

    Many thanks for your time,


  • Judi

    Thanks Colm, I checked out the video editing software and when I get a minute I will try it. My clients are always looking for easy ways to grow their businesses and videos are really a fabulous way to have their prospective clients feel like they know who they will be dealing with.

  • gifts to bangalore

    Thanks for those tricks…i'll keep coming back for some more.

  • Doug Munro

    Good article, provides some insightful comment on the state of the floral industry and how the average florist can take advantage of the technology available in today's world. We have been on the internet doing e-commerce for about 15 years when we launched our first site. The changes in web development, browser improvements and the cost reductions in operating a website during that time have been incredible.

  • D. More

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  • Naveen

    The emergence of online thing has helped the florist to survive. Otherwise it would have been very difficult to survive in this period of cut-throat competition. Liked your suggestions and i think all online florists out there should go through your blog. Thanks for the write up.
    My recent post Catalog – a next gen WordPress e-commerce theme

  • florist online

    The new tricks for florist websites have been shared in the post. Useful post

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