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Otis the Bassett Hound know those situations where everything just lines up to lead you somewhere you didn’t know you wanted go? As many of you know, this past December, one of my three Basset Hounds, Clyde died from swallowing a whole pecan. It is never easy to lose a pet, but it is worse when unexpected. Three dogs seemed an indulgence, so we were not planning on getting another.

But… The other day, one of my client’s, Diane (Mermaid Cottages) came in to see me. She is a card-carrying dog lover and we started talking about the whole dog and loss thing.

That night, Diane’s daughter in North Carolina called her mom about a young Basset in a South Carolina shelter. She didn’t know about me and my predilection for hounds, but she knew someone had to rescue him from this shelter that only kept dogs for six days.

My husband and I were out to dinner (and having a margarita) when Diane called. She knew I was not looking for a new dog, but she said, “You know, sometimes a dog just finds you”.

I knew this to be true (and the margarita didn’t hurt). In two minutes, Duane and I ran through a quick decision-making inventory.

We have the space in our loft. We have a huge fenced in yard. We have the money for food and vet. We have an extra dog crate. Our two dogs did fine with a third in the past.  He is a young dog and our other two are older.

Okay then.

Right then, at the table, we called one of our kids, who just happens to live two hours away in S.C., just 20 minutes from the shelter. He offered to go get him the next day and bring him to us.

Three Hounds getting acquainted

That is how we came to have our new dog, whose name was Elvis, but now is Otis, which fits him better.

Otis settled in right away and is sleeping at my feet, under my desk. Welcome to the Krog Street Hound Ranch, Otis.

Here’s to serendipity and quick decision-making.


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  • @DooneyPug

    I agree…dogs sometimes find us.____I love the butt-sniffing picture!____Congrats!

  • Julie Emrich Fredrick

    Congrats on your new addition! Three is the perfect number- we are "3 Pups in a Pop-Up". Our oldest, Kismet, had emergency surgery yesterday, but is on the mend and will be back home today.
    To all your dog-loving readers- BEWARE the dangers of RIMADYL toxicity!!!!
    My recent post Megabus

  • Pam Rauber

    Agreed…great story. It is a difficult decision to replace a beloved member of the family. You done good, Judi.

  • Teresa

    Love this story! I'm so busy this week I have ignored any and all non-project-related e-mails, but your newsletter sucked me in with that subject line : )

    We were not a three-dog family, but almost always kept a third Greyhound as a foster. Then we fostered John Lee. Like your Otis, he was much younger than our two dogs. He's more curious and apt to get into trouble, too. But anyway…he has such a great personality that we decided we should make it a permanent thing. Now if I can just get him to stop eating my lettuce plants…

    See you and your houndies at the next Meetup!
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    • judi knight

      Thanks Teresa, It is strange how easily it happens. You think you love your two dogs so much that you can't love another, but then you meet a new dog and you realize our ability to love is so unbounded.

  • judi knight

    Twelve years ago I had an Old English Sheepdog that had hip problems and he got a big bottle of Rimadyl from the vet one morning. It had not even been opened when I went out for a walk, my Basset puppy got hold of the bottle, chewed it open, removed the cotton filling and ate 30 of the 60 tablets. They were yummy, which is good when you are trying to get your dog to take a pill, but not good when the other dogs want them too. Clyde was in the hospital for almost a week.
    I hope your guy is better soon.

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