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Chris Guillebeau came to the Urban Oasis for his book signing for the new book, The $100 Startup, on May 15th .  We out did  ourselves from last year and that took some doing!

I met Chris Guillebeau on Twitter. Last year, Chris Guillebeau had himself an unconventional book tour for his first book, The Art of Non-Conformity. I reached out to him and told him that the Urban Oasis would be a great location for his Atlanta stop. Chris took me up on the offer and we hosted the event. It was quite an evening with 125 people, a band and lots of fun. Chris sold out of books and a good time was had by all.

Last summer, Chris returned the favor by hosting an amazing conference in his home town of Portland Oregon called the World Domination Summit. There were five hundred of the most fascinating people. There were travelers, people running small businesses of their dreams and everyone was blogging about all of it. My husband, Duane and I went and had a terrific time. I got to meet people in real life that I had only known online, which is always fun. He is hosting another World Domination Summit this July for eight hundred people that sold out in 13 minutes! You can bet on it. Duane and I will be there.
Chris Guillebeau at Urban Oasis/ New Tricks
Chris has been busy this year and just published his new book, The $100 Start Up. It was available May 8th. I thoroughly enjoyed it. This book is a great read and has good ideas for people starting their dream businesses or who are building them. I loved his description of how he chooses the projects that he is going to undertake. As a small business person myself, actually running two businesses, the bed and breakfast and my web design company, I know there is only so much time and I can’t do everything. Chris shows us how to rate our ideas on several factors and choose the one that is the best fit for meeting our goals.

So how did this year’s event stack up? OMG!  We had 175 amazing people with amazing stories turn out for  Chris’s Atlanta book signing.  The Sandwich Buddha Food truck served up yummy fare, people brought cupcakes galore and the Wasted Potential New Orleans style Brass Band gave us all childish delight playing outside on the patio.

I’ll tell you it was a highlight to have Chris signing books in my office while the band, with everyone following them marched through. He sold almost one hundred books! If you missed it, check Chris’s website for his itinerary.  He is going to be in 22 US cities and some others around the globe, as per usual!


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