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Back when I got into WordPress, I learned the hard, slow way to customize my WordPress sites. There just weren’t as many resources as there are today and the program was not as evolved as it is now.  Back then, you had to know how to FTP files to WordPress rather than uploading themes and plugins through the admin as you can do now.  For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how to FTP a file to my WordPress Installation. I rejoiced when someone finally told me to do it with Filezilla.  Yup, I learned the slow painful way. At the time I was just working on my own sites and if I couldn’t figure out how to do something,  I would just skip that idea and do it another way. And there are still plenty of ways to get to the same result with WordPress, which makes it a really fun development platform.

To save others from my frustrations, I thought I would pull together some of my posts that may fill in some gaps for you and get you further down the road to beginning to customize WordPress themes. Graphic designers  especially should learn to modify existing WordPress themes and create customized sites for their clients. Most small business clients these days would rather have their site built from a theme customized by a designer than to pay the price of a designer to design a site psd file and then pay a developer to code it. Here are a few of the posts on my site that will help get you started. I also coach graphic designers through doing their WordPress site. They get a client who pays them a fee and they pay the fee to me to work with them to create the site. I really enjoy doing that,  and after the first site they are off and running.  What a boon to their business too.

Tips for Graphic Designers Learning to Modify WordPress Themes

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