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Bad dogI was writing a post today aimed at the many people out there who have their websites completed but are having a hard time getting started with writing blog posts. I was in the process of listing the reasons they might have for not getting them done and then I stopped. I realized that I am actually in a very similar situation. Not about blog posts. I get my posts written but I have find myself stuck on my next step in the same way many of you are.

I have known for a while, that I want and need to package up my knowledge in a information product or an online mastermind group,  that lets me get my methodology out to more of you.  I have so much information to share with you. I want to hold your hand and offer you the knowledge and support you need to take the steps,  that I know will work to get your business off the ground and grow beyond your wildest dreams.

But have I done this?  No. I have not.  I am still working with you one by one, which I love, but that is not going to get me or you our goals.  Oh, I have many excuses:

1. I am too busy.

2. Other people are already doing it.

3. I don’t know what to do first.

4. I don’t know what to name it.

5. I am not sure of the format.

6. Did I mention I am too busy?

7. I am afraid no one will want it.

8. I don’t want to deal with launching and selling it.

9. I am afraid to put it out there.

I could go on. And you can see that all of those things are actually just fear and procrastination. It is so much obfuscating dribble. Really,  I have a responsibility to take this next step.  It is a lot to expect that you can get everything you need to build your business from a random lot of blog posts or meetups. Yes, it is possible.  If you are persistent you can do it eventually. I did.  I had no idea where to get help back when I started so I did it but it took a lot of time and so much trial and error. I sure don’t want you to have to go through that on your own.

Everyday, I help people get their gigs together.  We figure out their business name, their branding, their logo their websites, what are the best things to go in a sidebar, how to do the e-mail opt-in and what to send to their people as a newsletter, how often should they do it? We discuss how to make a social media plan to fit their businesses and just how do you get started with Twitter? And when is Facebook a better option for a particular  business? But not everyone has access to or the resources to spend on meeting with me in person.  I am ready to figure out a way to be there for more of you. I need to get off it and take my next step.

I would like your support, ideas  and feedback.  How can I best help you reach your goals?


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  • Alicia Dubrawski

    Judi, you are spot on (as usual)

    I have just spent 4 days (an extra long holiday weekend here in Canada) trolling through all your blog posts and implementing everything I possibly could from them. Talk about teaching an old dog new tricks!!!

    I was spurred on by your post on making a Social Media Plan, which I did, and now I have followed through. I even have a Twitter account!

    Your posts are the most clear and concise of any that are out there, but there are just so many of them. Earlier this afternoon, I was just wishing that it was all laid out in book form, chapter by chapter, to make it easier to follow.

    I really hope you do write a book because there are so many, many of us non-techy types out there that desperately need help to get into the 21-st century.

    Just Do It!! (channeling Judi, here – just sayin')

    • Judi

      Alicia, Music to my ears. That is just what I needed to hear! You will be happy to know that I have spent the last few hours pulling together my files and resources for my book/membership site and getting them all organized. I know I need to make it easy on you all. I need to lay out just what to do in a sequential fashion so that it is logical and actionable. Thanks for writing:-) I hope to meet you too some time.

      • Carol Sue Young

        Hi Judi,

        I love the thought of your ideas all laid out in a logical sequential manner and having your clients move through what you have to offer that way.

        It's fun to be a part of your network and watching all of us grow together!

        Yay for us!

        • Judi

          Carol Sue, I am actually working on it. I have 265 pages and have to do some major editing:-)

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