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MeetingWizard Scheduling ApplicationAre you tired of the rigmarole of setting up meetings with a group? This week I threw up my hands and asked another member of a committee I am on (hats off to Marna Friedman), to try to find a meeting time that we could all agree on. Within minutes Marna had set some times and sent out a meeting request to the five people in this group using a free app called Meeting Wizard. I chose the ones that worked for me out of a simple list and hit reply.

MeetingWizard…a great way to plan meetings and other events!

Here are the three steps involved in setting up a meeting with MeetingWizard.

1. You invite participants providing a number of optional dates/times.

2. Participants respond to invitations by indicating when they are available.

3. You confirm the meeting or event after reviewing responses.

Give it a try. It is one of the simplest systems I have seen.

There are other apps, such as Tungle. Tungle’s user interface is pretty and it has a connection right into your Google calendar. However, when I tried using it, my group had difficulties trying to figure it out which made more work for me.

Sometimes basic goodness is all you need.

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