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Yoga in the piazza at the High Museum of ArtLast Sunday was the closing day of the Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera exhibit at the High Museum and, as part of the festivities, my friend and yoga teacher Isvari Verre taught a morning yoga class outside on the piazza in front of the museum.

Frida was a self-taught Mexican painter who started painting as a young woman while recovering from a near-fatal bus accident.

This accident caused her many surgeries and much pain over her lifetime, yet she did not let her physical limitations did stop her from getting what she wanted in life.

She married Diego Rivera, a great, famous Mexican painter twenty years her senior and they had a passionate and tumultuous love affair, which included many affairs – for both of them, getting divorced and later remarrying each other.

Frida said that she had two pains, her physical pain, related to her accident and her emotional pain, related to her relationship with Diego and that the emotional pain was much more difficult.

Her paintings depict both physical and emotional pain, but Frida was strong and resilient and she became a leading figure in modern art.

I believe we have a choice in how we show up in life – whether or not we let our feelings about our circumstances keep us playing small. Frida didn’t let her circumstances stop her. And Isvari has wanted to do Yoga in the piazza of the museum for years, and she accomplished that goal.

I am very glad to have been at this great event last Sunday, celebrating the spirit of going for what you want and experiencing the joy it can bring to others.

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