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While has tons of plugins readily available, is a plugin picnic with over 4,000 available for FREE.  Here are a few of the less known but oh-so interesting plugins:

Daily Doses

There’s a plugin to display a Daily Dilbert Comic on your site. Or, you can add a bible verse, using a Verse of the Day feed. Ayah of the Day translates a verse from the Holy Quran. You can choose between English and Farsi translation.

Saint du jour displays the saint of the day, “according to the timetable of the ordinary and/or the extraordinary form of Roman Catholic rite”.

There are widgets to post French, German, Arabic, Chinese, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish Words of the Day. Some have audible options.

Of course you can post the Daily Horoscope – there’s even a Romanian version.

Psychic Read

Promises to secretly reveal what your readers most want to read….so you can give it to them. That way, they’ll keep coming back to your blog.

Next of Kin

This one may be my favourites. Next Of Kin monitors your visits to your WordPress site. If you fail to visit your blog after a specified period of time, the system will automatically send an email to whoever you choose notifying them of the bad news. You get to personalize the text of your notification email ahead of time.

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